The Performance and Performance Studies Minor is designed for students who want to incorporate performance perspectives into their primary art/design/architecture/writing practice and to learn new ways of understanding how all kinds of performance—from theater, media and music to everyday life performances—affect how we see and engage the world. The minor involves two required courses and three electives; it may be declared at any time. Please contact Karin Shankar (kshankar@pratt.edu) or Julia Steinmetz (jstein34@pratt.edu) for more information.

About the Minor

The Minor in Performance and Performance Studies is a unique program for Pratt. It is designed for students who want to know more about performance studies theory and performance practice and who may wish to incorporate these ideas into their primary art/design/architecture/writing practice. Students will learn new ways of thinking about how performance—which could include everything from traditional theater to experimental dance to sports to everyday life performances—affects how we see and engage the world.

The P+PS minor incorporates two foundational aspects: learning about the academic field of Performance Studies, and learning performance art techniques. The program offers a well-rounded experience for students who are interested in P+PS for academic and creative enrichment.  

Students take two required courses and then apply three other elective courses toward the minor, for a total of 15 credits. Some of your previously taken elective courses may already be eligible for credit into the P+PS minor. The other requirements for the P+PS minor are below.

You may register for the minor at any point during your undergraduate career at Pratt, and courses you’ve already taken can be counted towards it. Since minors are guaranteed registration in the relevant courses; it is to your advantage to declare the minor early on. If you register for the minor and decide later to opt out, there is no penalty. Please see the Liberal Arts Advisor to declare the minor.

Completing the minor means submitting for approval by the Minor Coordinator (1) a Qualifying Paper and (2) a Performance Project. Both of these will generally be work you’ve done in classes that count towards the the minor (especially the two required courses) that you feel represents your best work. The paper should be at least ten pages. The performance project may be live or in video or other recorded format; there is no prescribed length. If paper/project were done for class, you should have received a grade of B or better for the paper/project to be eligible to count for this requirement. The P+PS Coordinator will advise on any recommended revisions if necessary. You may submit a qualifying paper/project at any time, before or after you’ve completed the coursework for the minor.

See Performance and Performance Studies, Minor Curriculum Overview and Academic Requirements