Humanities and Media Studies

The Humanities and Media Studies (HMS) Department offers innovative and cross-disciplinary training at the intersection of aesthetics, politics, and theory. Our curriculum explores how art, culture, literature, and media form and transform our densely interconnected world. HMS students acquire creative and critical tools with which to analyze global cultural and socio-political contexts. In our classrooms, we emphasize the histories and processes of social formation such as race, gender, sexuality, class, and ability. We are distinguished by our methodologies, which include multisensory and embodied learning, collaboration and play, textual and visual analysis, critical ethnography, and experimental archival research. In addition to the Core Humanities and Architecture Writing Programs, the department offers undergraduate minors in Performance and Performance Studies, Media Studies, Literature and Writing, and Cinema Studies. HMS also houses a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Program in Performance and Performance Studies and a Master of Arts (MA) Program in Media Studies. Our award-winning faculty includes writers, scholars, media artists, architects, and multi-disciplinary performers of national and international stature.

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