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The Graduate Program in Media Studies (GPMS) is a research-based program in the study of media—both the media technologies and media practices that shape social structures, relationships, and identities. Based at Pratt Institute our program is connected to a larger community of artists and designers on and beyond our campus who are using and producing the very media we study. Creativity—or the creation of ideas, worlds, and things is a central feature of our program. Our students engage “media” as more than a set of technologies with which to create and share information. “Media” encompasses an array of cultural, social, aesthetic, and economic processes, policies, and practices that shape the ways we experience and interpret the world. In other words, we understand media creation and forms to be world-making projects that have histories and politics. The coursework invites and requires students to practice both critical analysis of media and basic media production skills. 


Students receive additional educational opportunities through the Aesthetics and Politics Lecture Series organized through the Media Studies Program. In the past speakers have included Louis Massiah, Soyoung Yoon, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Wendy Chun, Lisa Nakamura, McKenzie Wark, Alexander Galloway, Vicente Rafael, Angela Davis, Neferti Tadiar, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Gina Dent, Sheila Coronel, Saidiya Hartman, Khavn de la Cruz, and many others.


Applications for admission to the Master of Arts that are submitted by January 5 will be reviewed for first consideration and scholarships for the following Fall. The program accepts Fall entrants only. However, applications will be considered until the program is closed, and generous scholarships are awarded to eligible students who complete by April 1. Applicants should have a B.A., B.S. or B.F.A. from an accredited institution and must submit (1) a statement of purpose in which they describe their interest in Media Studies at Pratt and potential future project(s); (2) 10–20 pages of relevant writing sample(s), with emphasis on analytical writing about media (uploaded to the application); (3) unofficial transcripts of undergraduate coursework (uploaded to the application); and (4) two letters of recommendation (also may be uploaded to application). All applicants must follow the standard admission process for graduate programs at Pratt: see

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