Student in a classroom


When you enter Pratt, you become a member of our first-year learning community. Learning is constant and pervasive, and extends in all directions well beyond the specific disciplines you came here to study.

Learning is in no way limited to the classroom or studio. Much of your learning will be, at first, about living in this new community, perhaps far from friends, loved ones, and familiar surroundings. Pratt is a rich and diverse community with many individuals, programs, activities, and offices that are here to help you learn and grow in all possible ways. 

There are many things that may be new to you in your life at Pratt; many present tremendous opportunities as well as challenges. You may have more freedom than in your previous experiences. You are on your own—no one is telling you what to do, how long to spend doing something, or when to do it.

This freedom will demand that you learn to prioritize and develop the habits of effective time management. The workload will be, in all likelihood, much more demanding than what you experienced in high school. You will be required to make difficult decisions about your use of time and be responsible for getting your work done on time to the best of your abilities. You will also have to set new standards regarding what “the best of your abilities” means in this new context.

Many of you may also be new to New York City. The city is a tremendous resource and inspiration to you as artists and designers. It can, of course, also be a great distraction.

Learning to balance your social and recreational needs with your work is one of the most challenging aspects of your new life here at Pratt.

Students in a classroom

The following are recommended resources for support, advice, and guidance during your first year and beyond:


While our physical office will be closed to walk-ins until a future date, we are still here everyday to help you. Feel free to email any of us at the addresses below, or you can call the office M - F from 9 -5pm at 718.636.3617 for immediate assistance. For in-person appointments please contact us by email or phone so we can best accommodate you. 

Leslie Mutchler, Chair / / 718.636.3617/ / IG: @lmutchle and @julmstudios
Natalie Moore, Assistant Chair / / 718.230.6849 / IG: @nataliegmoore
Sabrina Lovell, Assistant to the Chair / / 718.636.3617
Scott Robinson, Foundation Lab Coordinator / / (718) 687-5857
Sung Ha No / Foundation Technician / / 718.636.3451
Paola Catano / Foundation Technician / / 718.636.3617


First-year students will be assigned an academic advisor to plan their sophomore schedule. During the foundation year, an advisor will help students to schedule their Art History and Literary and Critical Studies classes.

Academic advisors help students plan their schedules during sophomore through senior year, help students define their educational objectives, and make sure they are satisfying departmental requirements. 

Office of Academic Advisement
Myrtle Hall, 6th floor /  / 718.636.3611


The Pratt Health Center is only offering telehealth visits for the summer and will re-open with modified services for Fall 2020. Please refer to the Health Services website for information and updates on available services, hours, and booking appointments. Please refer to the Medical Services page on the Pratt website for nearby clinics and hospital information.
For appointments, please call 718.399.4542 or visit to register for a Medicat portal account and schedule an appointment online. You can also reach Health Services via email at


Students who would like to talk with a professional counselor should visit the Counseling Center. 

Counseling Center
ISC Building, 3rd floor / Monday- Friday, 9 AM–5 PM 
Pratt Manhattan Campus / Tuesdays, 10-6 & Thursdays, 2–6 PM
For a counseling appointment:  / 718.687.5356


The Learning/Access Center (formerly Disability Resource Center) provides comprehensive academic support services that are available to all Pratt students. The L/AC also facilitates full access for students with disabilities and veterans so that they can freely and actively participate in all facets of Pratt life. The L/AC collaborates to provide Institute-wide advisement and consultation on disability-related matters (including legal compliance and universal design) and provides individual services and tools to facilitate diverse learning styles and accommodations in a sustainable inclusive manner.

Learning/Access Center
ISC building, 1st floor / / 718.802.3123
Call or email to schedule appointments for any of the above services.


The WTC is a multifaceted writing lab available to all Pratt students on either a walk-in or a scheduled basis. WTC offers individual and small-group tutorials to improve writing skills, as well as tutoring in art history, math, and physics. 

Writing and Tutorial Center
North Hall, First floor / / 718.636.3459
Monday–Thursday, 10 AM–8 PM, Friday 10 AM–5 PM


The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) is your starting point for discovering countless life directions and career possibilities available to students with a Pratt education.

Center for Career and Professional Development
East Building, Room 001 /  / 718.636.3506
Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM


Student Affairs provides programs and services that promote students’ personal and professional development; fosters a campus environment that is conducive to student learning; and advocates for and supports students as they meet the challenges of the Pratt experience

Student Affairs
Main Building, room 008 / / 718.636.3639


The primary mission of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is to offer programs and services that ease all of the aspects of the transition into life at Pratt. The OIA currently serves a population of more than 1,000 students and scholars who use this office to guide them successfully through Pratt’s system.

Office of International Affairs
Myrtle Hall, 2nd floor, room 2E.5 / / 718.636.3674


Residential Life and Housing efficiently and effectively administer a housing program in a learning centered environment that challenges and supports students studying at Pratt. Resident Assistants and Resident Directors can provide support and advice for first-year students. 

Residential Life and Housing
Willoughby Hall, room 105 / / 718-399-4551


For some students, getting involved with organizations on campus can add meaning to their first-year experience. To find the most current listing of student organizations and club sponsored events at Pratt, sign in to with your one key.


The Student Government maintains primary responsibility for all student interests and involvement at Pratt. The Government has an executive committee and any undergraduate or graduate student can, and is encouraged to become involved. The main function of the Government is to represent the student viewpoint.

Student Union / 


Deciding on a major is one of the biggest decisions of a student’s first-year experience. Some may already know their major; some may be unsure. Those undecided or wishing to switch majors will have the option to do so in the spring.

Foundation students will have opportunities to meet with the upper departments and learn more about their programs at the beginning of the Spring semester. If students wish to change their major, they can do so after attending the departmental meeting in the spring. Students may stop by the Foundation office and talk to the chair or assistant chair anytime.


Last, but certainly not least, perhaps the most available and valuable resources can be our faculty. Foundation faculty are not only active professionals in their field but are also dedicated teachers. Beyond helping students with difficulties they may encounter in their courses, Faculty can help answer general questions, provide mentorship, to steer students toward valuable Pratt resources, and are valuable sources of information on New York City and what’s happening  in the field of art and design.