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Health Services


Pratt Health Services is open for limited in-person services, and remains available virtually and for telehealth visits during regular hours. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our dedicated staff will continue to provide our students with excellent care, albeit in a non-traditional way.

The Health Center is located on the first floor of Willoughby Hall.

Virtual Appointments

Request a virtual appointment by:

Calling 718.399.4542



In-Person Appointments

In-person appointments will be assigned at the discretion of a healthcare provider. Students should make sure that they have set up their health portal at We will resume self-serve portal appointments once it is feasible to do so.

Students who make in-person appointments with Health Services will need to meet all the Pratt mandated requirements for entry on campus, including signing the social contract and providing negative COVID-19 testing results. You can find more information on returning to campus on the Back to Pratt website.


On Campus Emergencies

Call Pratt Campus Security

Extension 3333 (On campus phone)
718.636.3540 (Off campus of cell phone)

Off Campus Emergencies

Call 911

Health Services cannot provide the level of care that an Emergency Department does: therefore, we may not be able to attend to your specific emergency needs. Please use your best judgment when deciding where to seek treatment.

Emergency Hotlines

Suicide (LIFENET)800.543.3638 (English)
 877.298.3373 (Espanol)
 877.990.8585 (Cantonese, Mandarin & Korean)
Suicide (Samaritans)212.673.3000
Crime Victim212.577.7777
Rape & Sexual Assault212.227.3000
Domestic Violence800.621.4673
Child Abuse (Childhelp)800.422.4453

Psychiatric Emergency Rooms

New York Presbyterian Hospital / Payne-Whitney: 212.746.0711
Long Island College Hospital: 718.780.2572
Rape Crisis Team and LICH: 718.780.1459
Pratt Institute Security: Extension 3333 (On campus phone) OR 718.636.3540 (Off campus or cell phone) for Main Security Booth


The Health Center is committed to the promotion and support of diversity and inclusiveness. An integral part of our mission is to provide a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment for all individuals. As members of the college community, we recognize and acknowledge the impact of stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, power and privilege, condemn oppression in any form.

We are sensitive to individual differences in age, gender, culture, race, ethnicity, spiritual values and beliefs, disability status, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and other unique characteristics.

We seek to provide a caring and supportive setting in which individual identities are respected and where one’s dignity and fundamental human rights are protected and affirmed.