Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Pratt Institute, diversity is represented by a mosaic of individuals from a variety of races, ethnicities, religions, gender expressions, sexualities, geographic backgrounds, cultures, ages, abilities, and socioeconomic groups. As a leading college of art and design devoted to a creative learning community, Pratt recognizes the strength that stems from a diversity of perspectives, values, ideas, backgrounds, styles, approaches, experiences, and beliefs.

Pratt Institute aspires to be a campus that welcomes and encourages individuals of all backgrounds to contribute to our culture as their authentic selves. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion works with partners across the Institution to create an equitable and inclusive environment at Pratt. We define equity as fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for every student, staff, and faculty member. We also define inclusion as the active involvement, participation, and empowerment of each individual in our community.

Please email diversity@pratt.edu with any questions, comments, or concerns about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Pratt.

If you have experienced an incident of bias, discrimination or harassment and would like to report an incident regarding a student, faculty, or staff member, please fill out the Bias Incident Report Form. Submitting an incident report allows the Institute to investigate and take appropriate action to address your concern. Please note that this form is not intended for reporting emergencies. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911 or contact Pratt Public Safety at 718.636.3540

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