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This page presents key statistics for the MSIXD program at Pratt Institute School of Information. It is updated at the conclusion of each academic year, with the most recent update in August 2023.

Student Demographics

Entering Academic YearNumber of StudentsAverage AgeGenderRetention Rate from Year 1 to 2
2017/20182127.6F = 16
M = 5
2018/20194226.4F = 38
M = 4
2019/20204626.8F = 30
M = 16
2020/20214426.79F = 35
M = 9
2021/20225926.0F = 44
M = 15
2022/20236525.6F = 56
M = 9

Internship Sites


Major League Baseball, Google, LogMeIn, TechSmith, Huge, Moda Operandi, MassMutual, Milestone, Kulture Hub, Kaplan, Door3, IB5K, TripIt, by Concur, Athlon, Verizon


Mass Mutal, McKinsey & Company, Moda Operandi, Upsurge, Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications – New York City, AppDynamics, Aptiviti, WEIV


Amplify Education, Inc., AppDynamics, Aptiviti, Blue Sky Studios, Codecademy, FCB Health, Museum of Modern Art, My Financial Counsel, Inc., My Financial Counsel, Inc., nextSource, NYC Department of IT & Telecommunications, NYU Libraries, Pride Technologies, LLC, Roomster, Solvay, Universal Processing, YogaTech


Allsource PPS, Amazon, Autodesk, Bandier, Boston Consulting Group, Cooper Hewitt, Credence ID, Edifecs, EHE Health, HireBeat, Perpetual, Punchcut, ServiceNow, MBLM, Nearby, Nielsen Norman Group, Sigma, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Noguchi Museum, Wayfair, Zoox


Autodesk, Cloaked, Codecademy, Cooper Hewitt, Helen Ficalora, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NBC Universal, Nearby, Nielsen Norman Group, NYC Health + Hospitals.

Graduating Student Feedback

Graduation Academic YearPratt SI offered a quality program that prepared me to work in my chosen profession (Agree/Strongly Agree)I found the curriculum to be up-to-date(Agree/Strongly Agree)Would you recommend Pratt School of Information to a friend, family member or colleague interested in pursuing a Masters degree? (Yes)respondentsResponse Rate
Graduation Academic YearThe course offerings aligned well with my professional goals (Agree/Strongly Agree)The program faculty are effective teachers(Agree/Strongly Agree)I sought advising and agreed/strongly agreed that their faculty advisor provided helpful academic advisementrespondentsResponse Rate

Alumni Job Outcomes

Hiring Companies

2016/2017 Graduates and Prior[1]

Google, Uber, Apple, Logic Department, Pixacore, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley, AppNexus, Huge, Infor/Hook & Loop, FactSet, Electronic Ink, Cloudberry Creative

2017/2018 Graduates[2]

Siemens Healthcare, Major League Baseball, Google

2018/2019 Graduates[3]

Cox Automotive, Red Spark

2019/2020 Graduates[4]

Stanford University, Pratt Institute, Symetria, Capital One, McKinsey & Company, TrendMicro

2020/2021 Graduates [5]

IBM [2 graduates], ZipRecruiter, YipitData, Uplift, FCB Health NY, Capital One, Grainger, Cornell Tech, Safeway, ServiceNow, Retailo Technologies

2021/2022 Graduates [6]

US Office of Personnel Management, First American, Scholastic, Google, Cloudflare Inc., TuneCore, Miso Robotics, VMware, Hilton, C3 AI, findhelp, FCB Health, Laurel Road, Magnite, Red Bull, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Block Renovation, Expedia Group,

Job Titles

2016/2017 and Prior Graduates[1]

UX Specialist, UX Design Lead, UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer, Information Architect, Design Researcher, Research Analyst

2017/2018 Graduates[2]

User Experience Design, User Experience Researcher, Interaction Designer

2018/2019 Graduates[3]

Senior UX designer, UX Designer

2019/2020 Graduates[4]

UX/UI Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, User Experience Designer, Analyst, Product Owner 

2020/2021 Graduates[5]

Software Development Manager, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, UX/UI Designer, Design Researcher (UX Researcher), Jr. UX Architect, Senior Design Associate, Senior UX Designer, Producer Designer II, Senior Product Manager II

2021/2022 Graduates [6]

UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher, UX Researcher II, Design Research, UX Research Associate, Product Designer, Lead Experience Design Researcher, User Experience Designer, Jr UX Architect, Lead UX Writer, Digital Product Designer, Digital UX Design Associate, Project Manager

[1] As the MS IXD program started in fall 2016, job titles and organizations also include students who specialized in User Experience within the MSLIS program

[2] From MSIXD Alumni Survey 17/18, N=2 Responses, 22.2% Response Rate with additional information from LinkedIn

[3]From MSIXD Alumni Survey 18/19, N=2 Responses, 10.5% Response Rate

[4] From MSIXD Alumni Survey 19/20, N=6 Responses, 13.0% Response Rate

[5] From MSIXD Alumni Survey 20/21, N=6 Responses, 15.4% Response Rate with additional information from LinkedIn

[6] From MSIXD Alumni Survey 21/22, N=7 Responses, 31.4% Response Rate (school-wide) with additional information from LinkedIn

Additional statistics can be found in the School of Information’s annual assessment reports. Additional job outcomes can be found in the results of Pratt’s First Destination survey.