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First Destination Survey

Pratt’s First-Destination Survey (FDS) captures information regarding how new Pratt graduates fare in their careers within twelve months of graduation.

The annual survey provides data on the outcomes associated with a Pratt education.

Outcomes include

1) post-graduation professional activities (varying types of employment and/or continuing education);

2) company names, locations, salaries and position titles for Pratt graduates;

3) graduates’ assessments of Pratt’s role in preparing them for their careers;

4) and occupational satisfaction.

Data from the FDS is used to reach out to students who may be seeking employment immediately after graduation and alert them to prospective job opportunities. The Institute also uses this data for reasons ranging from reporting for national ranking surveys to accreditation and certification.

Results of the FDS can also be one of many many factors that can help prospective students decide that a Pratt education is the right choice as they work towards their career goals. In addition to providing outcomes for individual graduating classes, the First-Destination Survey provides data over time to inform the discussion about the overall value of a Pratt education.