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Students can choose to use elective studio credits to register for an internship course. Students can only enroll for an internship course offered by their departments during the regular registration period during the semester in which they are completing the internship.

Pratt does not allow students to register for an internship course that will be completed in a different semester (i.e. a student completes an internship in the summer but wants to enroll for credit during the previous spring or following fall semesters).


Each department has different requirements for internship courses. Please refer to the Academic Internship Guide for all departmental internship course information and eligibility requirements.


Please watch the following video and complete the appropriate quiz in order to complete the internship orientation required to register for the course.

The passing score for this quiz is eight correct answers out of 10. Upon completion, your total points will be displayed at the top of the page. You are required to save and print/email a copy of this page and attach it when requesting permission to enroll in an internship course from the Assistant Chair/appropriate faculty member.

If you receive below an 80% on this quiz, please reach out to Mackenzie Adriance, Assistant Director of Career Counseling and Experiential Learning directly at

Quiz for international students
Quiz for domestic students (citizens, permanent residents, and green-card holders)


NYC Human Rights Page
US Department of Labor
Active Shooter Safety Guidelines


Internships taken for credit typically last one semester and have components of a regular class. This includes a meeting schedule with the faculty instructor and other students in the class, class assignments, etc. These vary by course and instructor.

To extend an internship for credit beyond one semester, a student will need to contact the chairperson of their department and obtain written permission.

Depending on the number of credits a student wants to receive for an internship, the amount of hours required on-site at the workplace during the semester will vary:

  • Zero credit option (summer only) = 80 hours minimum
  • 1 credit option = 120 hours minimum
  • 2 credit option = 180 hours minimum
  • 3 credit option = 240 hours minimum
  • Some departments allow for more credits, such as Construction and Facilities Management. Please consult your faculty advisor or department chair if you want to take an internship course for more than 3 credits.

Remember, an internship is a partnership between you and your internship employer. The learning contract you fill out in the first week of the internship should reflect your goals, expectations, and commitments. Your internship faculty can help you properly complete a learning contract.