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While you can successfully land high-quality internship experiences, much of your success will be dependent on how and when you conduct your internship search. A great goal is to start searching 1-2 semesters ahead of the semester in which you plan to intern.

Below are a few tips to help you get started on the right track for finding the right internship.

Where to find internship postings
  • Handshake – our free online job board specifically for Pratt students and alumni
  • Check our web resources list for job boards and other sites
  • LinkedIn – Create a LinkedIn account and use LinkedIn to network online
  • Ask friends, family, and faculty if they have any leads for opportunities that may exist in your field/area of interest
  • Keep a list of companies and organizations, along with specific names and contact information as you create your internship opportunity list.
  • Schedule an appointment with the internship faculty member in your department. Your internship faculty can assist you in the search process and help you locate opportunities.
  • Remember to follow up with any employers who interview you. Send them a thank you email or letter.
  • If you have never done an interview before and would like some guidance,  talk to a career strategist in the CCPD.
  • Make sure you understand all contracts or paperwork involved in starting an internship. If you are not sure about anything, make an appointment to speak with someone in the CCPD or with your departmental internship faculty before signing anything!
Career Appointments

If you need help finding an internship, schedule an appointment with your career strategist in the CCPD. A strategist can help you devise an appropriate strategy for securing an internship, including:

  • Preparing your résumé, cover letter, and other marketing materials
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Identifying the right kinds of internships to meet your career goals
  • Searching for roles in Handshake to find the best opportunities