The faculty in the Department of History of Art and Design at Pratt Institute are dedicated teachers and active researchers who are often internationally-renown authorities in their specialties. Their extraordinarily wide-ranging research shapes art historical discourse and informs the more than 100 courses we offer.

New and Noteworthy

Professor Marsha Morton has recently published an essay, “Art’s ‘Contest with Nature’: Darwin, Haeckel, and the Scientific Art History of Alois Riegl,” in the anthology Darwin and Theories of Aesthetics and Cultural History, ed. by Barbara Larson and Sabine Flach (Ashgate Press, 2013, pp.53-69).  The book considers the influence of evolutionary theory on art and aesthetics between the eighteenth century and today.

Professor Marsha Morton has recently published an essay, “Un art à la marge: Klinger au seuil du modernism,” (“Art on the Edge: Klinger at the Threshold of Modernism”) in the catalog Max Klinger Le Théâtre de L’étrange: Les Suites Gravées 1879-1915.  This exhibition, at the Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art from 12 May to 19 August, is the first French retrospective of the German artist Max Klinger.

Professor Frima Fox Hofrichter wrote the Baroque and Rococo chapters for Janson's Basic History of Art -- 9th edition (to be released in May). She was also a contributing author to the previous 7th and 8th editions. Further, Prof. Hofrichter is the Dutch Book Review editor for the Historians of Netherlandish Art (HNA).

Professor Mary Edwards published “An Analysis of Diverse Medieval Images within Their Cultural Context,” (Medieval Perspectives, XXIV, 2009 [2011], pp. 88-126), and “Monstra et Narra: Mea Peregrinatio Recens...,”(Medieval Perspectives, XXIII, 2008 [2011], pp. 130-153)

Professor Joyce C. Polistena was among a select group of art historians, invited to contribute her essay in a festschrift honoring art historian and distinguished Professor of Art, Dr. Patricia Mainardi. The essay will appear in the May, 2012 issue of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide. In October 2011 Prof. Polistena published an essay on contemporary landscape painter, Hijo (Duckja) Nam for the exhibition catalogue Cycle of Trace: Hijo Nam.

Professor Agnes Berecz published catalogue entries on postwar European and American art for “Get There First, Decide Promptly: The Richard Brown Baker Collection of Postwar Art,” (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2011), as well as feature and review articles for the Budapest based art monthly, Műértő, on the New York exhibitions of John Baldessari, Pierre Huyghe, Glenn Ligon, Linda Benglis, Hans-Peter Feldmann, David Maljkovic and Lucy Skaer, and John Chamberlain.

Professor Kyunghee Pyun published an article about “Asian Art in the Eyes of American Collectors, 1880-1920: Antimodernism and Exotic Desire.” (Journal of Contemporary Art Studies 15 no. 2 (2011): 245-278.) Further, Prof. Pyun excelled as supervising editor for the Korean Translation of Gardner’s “Art through Ages: A Global History,” 13th edition (Seoul: Sapyoung, 2012).

Professor Elizabeth Meggs contributed to the article "Practice Makes Perfect: A Graphic Design Student's Guide To Freelance", published by John Wiley & Sons Publishing, which will be in print in October 2012.

Acting chair/Professor Katarina V. Posch publishes an article “Change as a principle in design – a comparison between Practices in Europe, the US and Japan,” for the catalogue of the Exhibition “Made4You” for the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.