Graduate students in the History of Art and Design benefit from the wealth of opportunities offered by the cultural institutions in New York City for their internships. Most students take an internship for credit and those who are in the Certificate of Museum Studies program do two internships at different museums or related institutions. As the following examples illustrate, internships offer students a firsthand look at the workings of major institutions.

Because of an internship at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, one of our graduate students in the M.S./M.S. program decided that her career path was in collections management and registration. Another graduate student worked for the Curator of Photography at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and was involved in the early stages of organizing a contemporary photography exhibition. An internship at The New Museum of Contemporary Art provided one of our students with an alternative opportunity to explore contemporary art while spearheading many projects and working independently to implement them in the museum's Marketing and Communications division.

Recent internships have been completed at: