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Pratt sculpture garden

The Dual Degree

The dual-degree program allows students to concurrently earn two post-baccalaureate degrees: M.A. in the History of Art and Design and the M.F.A. in Fine Arts.

History of Art and Design

Graduate studies in the History of Art and Design department provide students with the skills and knowledge to pursue careers as instructors, art and design historians and professionals in museums, galleries, and libraries, or to pursue graduate work at the doctorate level. Through comprehensive study of global art and design within historical and cultural contexts and intensive research and scholarship in specialized areas, students develop a critical understanding of the field as well as research and analytic skills. Graduates demonstrate excellence in independent and critical thinking and understanding of the historical roles and responsibilities of art and design.


The Master of Fine Arts program offers emphasis in painting/drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and integrated practices (nontraditional investigations). Students complete two semesters of course work in their major area of emphasis and one year of work on an M.F.A. thesis in their major area, including a written thesis statement and a solo exhibition in our graduate galleries. Degree requirements include nine credits in art criticism and history and six credits in the liberal arts. Twenty-seven elective credits may be used for a wide variety of interdisciplinary, studio, or technical courses in any graduate level studio class in the Institute.

Graduate Studies at Pratt

The dual degree provides participants with truly unique experiences at exhibitions, opportunities to interact with other departments including interior, industrial, communications, and fashion design, as well as with the school of liberal arts to create an interdisciplinary experience that places the work of the practicing artist in context. The pursuit of such interdisciplinary approaches is characteristic of the dual degree program and truly enriches the work of the art and design historian. Pratt's distinguished faculty are selected as dedicated mentors, able to offer their experiences drawing on an impressive array of degree backgrounds and professional credentials.

Students craft an individual plan of study with their academic advisor, choosing from a broad variety of course offerings listed below for the duration of their program.


Requirements for MFA Fine Arts/MS in Art History