Carry out art historical research; apply the theories, research, and practice of information science; design digital libraries, archives, and exhibitions; and communicate content effectively and creatively in the arts across diverse cultures and societies.
Pratt School of Information students in the classroom

Linked with Pratt's History of Art and Design department on the Brooklyn campus, the MSLIS/MA History of Art and Design dual degree program prepares students for careers in art, museum, and academic libraries. With courses and internships taking place at NYC's leading museums, libraries, and archives, such as Brooklyn Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the dual degree program offers unique opportunities for experiential learning.

This 60-credit dual degree program is ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in academic and museum libraries, as having the MSLIS and a subject master's represents the standard requirement for these fields. Graduates of the dual degree program have secured positions with leading educational and cultural institutions such as: the New York Public Library; Bard College Library; Cooper-Hewitt Library; Art Institute of Chicago; Princeton University; and East Asian Library, Columbia University.

See History of Art and Design/Library and Information Science, MA/MS Curriculum Overview and Yearly Plan of Study

Dual Degree Requirements

This program consists of 30 credits at the School of Information and 30 credits at the History of Art and Design Department (HAD) for a total of 60 credits, which must be completed with a B average or better. Students in the dual-degree program generally take one or two classes in each program per semester (3–4 courses, 9-12 credits). The average time for degree completion is three years.

For course descriptions, visit the Online Course Search page and type in the prefix for your program (INFO). 

Master of Science, Library and Information Science (10 courses, 30 credits)

Foundation (1 course, 3 credits)
INFO 601 Foundations of Information

MSLIS Core (3 courses, 9 credits)
INFO 652 Reference and Instruction
INFO 653 Knowledge Organization
INFO 654 Information Technologies*

*INFO 654 is required but may be waived for students with have sufficient technical knowledge and/or experience; for more information please visit the Information Technologies course waiver page.

Electives (6 courses, 18 credits)
In addition to the four core courses, six school-wide electives are also required. Below is a sampling of elective courses that may be of particular interest to students in the MSLIS/MS History of Art and Design dual degree program.

INFO 632 Conservation & Preservation
INFO 661 Art Documentation
INFO 663 Metadata Design
INFO 667 Art Librarianship
INFO 670 Linked Open Data for Libraries, Archives & Museums
INFO 679 Museums & Digital Culture

Master of ARTS, History of Art and Design

HAD Core (3 courses, 9 credits)
HA 602  Art Historical Methodology
HA 650  Materials, Techniques & Conservation
HA 605  Thesis

Electives (7 courses, 21 credits)
Elective courses must meet each of the distribution requirement fields (Note: a course may fulfill more than one requirement):

  • Film, Design or Photography
  • Non-Western art and history
  • Architecture
  • Non-Western art and history
  • Renaissance or Baroque
  • 19th, 20th, or 21st Centuries


Advanced Certificates

This dual degree can be completed while earning any of the following advanced certificates:


Applicants must submit one application to the dual degree, and will be evaluated by both departments. Those accepted to the dual degree will receive a single letter signed by both departments. If only accepted to one of the programs, students will receive a letter for the stand-alone program signed only by the relevant department. Application may be made initially to the dual degree program or to one of the two programs, with later application to the other provided that the student has not yet graduated from the first program entered. Please note that the dual degree programs only accept students for fall matriculation.

Apply Now

Questions? For admissions inquiries, please contact Graduate Admissions at 718.636.3514 or For all other inquiries, contact the School of Information at 212.647.7682 / or the Department of History of Art and Design at 718.636.3598 / For more information, you may also request a catalog and sign-up to attend an information session.