This page presents key statistics for the MSIXD program at Pratt Institute School of Information. It is updated at the conclusion of each academic year, with the most recent update in October 2018.


Average Age



86% female, 14% male


32% domestic and 68% international, of which 47% is from China, 17% from India, 17% from Taiwan, 10% from South Korea, and one student from U.K., Poland, and Pakistan.

Percent student retention rate in program from year 1 to year 2[2]


Internship placements: organizations/companies

Major League Baseball, Google, LogMeIn, TechSmith, Huge, Moda Operandi, MassMutual, Milestone, Kulture Hub, Kaplan, Door3, IB5K, TripIt, by Concur, Athlon, Verizon

Graduating Students[3]

Percent of graduates agree/strongly agree that my the School of Information offered a quality program that prepared me to work in my chosen profession.


Percent of graduates would recommend Pratt School of Information to a friend, colleague, or family member


Percent of graduates agree/strongly agree that they “found the curriculum to be up to date”


Percent of graduates agree/strongly agree that “course offerings aligned well with my professional goals”


Percent of graduates agree/strongly agree that “the program faculty are effective teachers”


Percent of graduates who sought advising and agreed/strongly agreed that their faculty advisor provided helpful academic advisement



Job titles post-graduation[4]

UX Specialist, UX Design Lead, UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer, Information Architect, Design Researcher, Research Analyst

Job companies4

Siemans Healthcare, Logic Department, Google, Uber, Pixacore, Apple, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley, AppNexus, Huge, Infor/Hook & Loop, FactSet, Electronic Ink, Cloudberry Creative

[1] Demographics of students entering in fall 2017, spring 2018, and fall 2018.

[2] N=21 students (computed by taking students who started in fall 2017 and spring 2018 and remain in the program as of October 2018)

[3] Graduating Student Survey, graduates from AY 2017/2018, N=9 responses, 100% response rate

[4] As the MS IXD program started in fall 2016, job titles and organizations also include students who specialized in User Experience within the MSLIS program