Work at the intersection of digital arts and information; use digital tools for the design, organization, and preservation of digital art and cultural objects; and create digital and virtual environments for cultural and educational institutions. 
Pratt School of Information students at work in the classroom

As digital arts converge with digital information, they offer a wide range of new opportunities for bringing creativity to the information world in designing both virtual information environments and interactive media. Increasingly information professionals need high-level knowledge and skills in using digital tools to serve the needs of cultural and educational institutions such as museum, libraries, and archives, as well as those of the publishing industry and diverse arts and entertainment communities. As the first such program, the MSLIS/MFA Digital Arts builds on Pratt’s strengths and leadership in the emerging field of digital arts and information.

Dual Degree Requirements

This program consists of 30 credits at the School of Information and 45 credits at the Department of Digital Arts (DDA) for a total of 75 credits, which must be completed with a B average or better. Students in the dual-degree program generally take one or two classes in each program each semester (3–4 courses, 9-12 credits). The average time for program completion is three years.

Master of Science, Library and Information Science (10 courses, 30 credits)

Foundation (1 course, 3 credits)
INFO 601/651 Foundations of Information 

MSLIS Core (3 courses, 9 credits)
INFO 652 Reference & Instruction
INFO 653 Knowledge Organization
INFO 654 Information Technologies*
*INFO 654 is required but may be waived for students with have sufficient technical knowledge and/or experience; for more information please visit the Information Technologies course waiver page.

Required Digital Technology and Information Electives (2 courses, 6 credits) - Choose at least two

INFO 608 Human Information Interaction
INFO 632 Conservation & Preservation
INFO 643 Information Architecture & Interaction Design
INFO 665 Projects in Digital Archives
INFO 663 Metadata: Description & Access
INFO 680 Instructional Technology

Electives (4 courses, 12 credits)
Below is a sampling of elective course offerings that may be of particular interest to students in the MSLIS/MFA Digital Arts dual-degree program (Note: "SS" indicates summer session only):

INFO 611 Information Policies & Politics
INFO 628 Data Librarianship & Management
INFO 629 Art Collections: Research & Documentation
INFO 631 Academic Libraries & Scholarly Communication
INFO 658 Information Visualization
INFO 661 Art Documentation
INFO 664 Programming for Cultural Heritage
INFO 679 Museums & Digital Culture
INFO 695 Photography Collections

Master of Fine Arts, Digital Arts

DDA Core (10 courses, 30 credits)
DDA 500 Interactive Studio OR DDA 585 Interactive Installation
DDA 600 Digital Arts in Context
DDA 610 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
DDA 616 Design for Interactive Media
DDA 622 Interactive Media
DDA 625 Video Editing
DDA 626 Audio for Digital Media OR DDA 572 Electronic Music & Sound
DDA 650 Thesis Research
DDA 660-A/B Thesis I/II (6 credits)

Electives (5 courses, 15 credits)
(Note: "R" indicates recommended )

DDA 510 Artist Books in the Digital Age
DDA 513 3-D Lighting & Rendering
DDA 514 Storyboarding & Storytelling
DDA 584 ActionScript
DDA 587 Physical Computing (R)
DDA 612 Digital Imaging (R)
DDA 614 3-D Modeling (R)
DDA 620 Graphics Programming (R)
DDA 624 3-D Computer Animation
DDA 630 Advanced Interactive Media
DDA 643 Digital Animation Studio
DDA 645 Digital Imaging Studio (R)

Sample three-year schedule

(* = Required course)
Fall 1
*INFO 601/651 Foundations of Information
*DDA 626 Audio for Digital Media (or DDA 572 Electronic Music & Sound)
*DDA 600 Digital Arts in Context
*DDA 610 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
*DDA 616 Design for Interactive Media
Spring 1
*INFO 652 Reference & Instruction
*INFO 653 Knowledge Organization
*DDA 500 Interactive Studio (or DDA 585 Interactive Installation)
*DDA 622 Interactive Media
Fall 2
*INFO 654 Information Technologies
*INFO digital technology and information elective
*DDA 625 Video Editing
DDA elective
Spring 2
*INFO digital technology and information elective
*DDA 650 Thesis Research
DDA elective
INFO elective
Fall 3
*DDA 660 Thesis I
2 DDA electives
INFO elective
Spring 3
*DDA 660 Thesis II
DDA elective
2 INFO electives

Advanced Certificates

This dual degree can be completed while earning any of the following advanced certificates:


Applicants must submit one application to the dual degree, but must meet the requirements and be accepted by both programs individually. Application may be made initially to the dual degree program or to one of the two programs, with later application to the other provided that the student has not yet graduated from the first program entered. Please note that the dual degree programs only accept students for fall matriculation.

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications for the Dual-degree M.S. Library & Information Science and M.F.A. Digital Arts. Note that the stand-alone degrees may be applied to via the Graduate Admissions page.

Questions? For admissions inquiries, please contact 718.636.3514 or For all other inquiries, contact the School at 212.647.7682 / or the Department of Digital Arts at 718.636.3411 / For more information, you may also request a catalog and sign-up to attend an information session.   


Requirements for MFA Digital Arts