Library and Information Science (MSLIS)
Design and organize information and leverage digital technologies to connect people with one another and to ideas across a range of information environments, from archives and libraries to government agencies and corporations.

Museums and Digital Culture (MS)
Understand the use of digital media and technologies in museums through the lens of information science, museum informatics, and digital cultural heritage. 

Data Analytics and Visualization (MS)
Transform raw data into meaningful information through a combination of statistics, technology, research, and design.

Information Experience Design (MS)
Design understandable, useful, and engaging digital products and become a well-rounded User Experience (UX) professional.

Dual Degree: MSLIS/MA in History of Art and Design
Understand the convergence of art, information, and technology. Requires 30 credits in the School of Information and 30 credits in the History of Art and Design for a total of 60 credits.