Apply a user-centered perspective to the design and evaluation of interactive technologies.

Student work

The Advanced Certificate in User Experience (UX) teaches students how to design and evaluate digital interfaces (e.g., websites, software products, and mobile/tablet applications) from a user-centered perspective, with an emphasis on understanding users and their contexts and applying that knowledge to make digital tools more user-friendly and engaging.

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Understand and describe key principles of User Experience, such as: be empathetic and respectful of users; adopt a user-centered design process that emphasizes evaluation and iteration; and, strive to make digital interfaces understandable and emotionally engaging.

  2. Select and apply appropriate design and evaluation methods to improve the experience of interacting with digital tools; and

  3. Create professional-quality reports and other deliverables, using appropriate tools, to effectively communicate design and evaluation insights to stakeholders.

Through their coursework, students build a digital portfolio demonstrating their preparedness to do practical UX work in a variety of roles and settings. For a sample of student work and course projects, please visit the User Experience @ Pratt website

Advanced Certificate Requirements

The Advanced Certificate in User Experience consists of 12 credits (four 3-credit courses): two required courses, one topic elective, and one fieldwork elective, which must be completed with a B average or better. The program can be taken as a stand-alone program or within the School of Information's MSLIS, including MSLIS dual-degrees, and MS in Data Analytics and Visualization programs.

Required Courses (2 courses, 6 credits)
INFO 643 Information Architecture & Interaction Design
INFO 644 Usability Theory & Practice

Topic Elective (1 course, 3 credits)
Choose one course from the list below:
INFO 608 Human Information Interaction
INFO 630 Research Design & Methods
INFO 665 Projects in Digital Archives
INFO 658 Information Visualization
INFO 697 Special Topics (with permission)

Fieldwork Elective (1 course, 3 credits)
Choose one course from the list below:

INFO 646 Advanced User Experience Design
INFO 682 Projects in Information Experience Design
INFO 697 Special Topics (with permission)
INFO 698 Practicum/Seminar (with permission)
INFO 699 Independent Study (with permission)

Admissions Requirements

Apply a user-centered perspective to the design and evaluation of interactive technologies. This advanced certificate can be taken within the School of Information's MS in Library and Information Science, including MSLIS dual-degrees, and MS in Data Analytics and Visualization. It can also be taken as post-master’s program. Applicants to the post-master’s advanced certificate program must:

  • hold a master's degree in arts, humanities, social sciences or science from an accredited university
  • submit the online application form, non-refundable application fee, and official transcripts (uploaded online at application)
  • submit a statement of purpose (approximately two pages)
  • submit a current resume
  • request two letters of recommendation on the application from employers, professors, or others able to judge the applicant’s potential for graduate study
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Certificate Coordinator
Craig M. MacDonald, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Questions? For admissions inquiries, please contact Graduate Admissions at 718.636.3514 or For all other inquiries, contact the School of Information at 212.647.7682 or For more information, you may also request a catalog and sign-up to attend an information session.    


Adv Certificate in User Experience, 2018

  • Semester 1

    Complete these required courses.

    INFO-643 Information Architecture & Interaction Design

    INFO-644 Usability Theory & Practice

  • Semester 2

    Choose one of the following LIS Electives.

    INFO-608 Human Information Interaction
    INFO-630 Research Design & Methods
    INFO-665 Projects in Digital Archives
    INFO-658 Information Visualization

  • Semester 3

    Take one of the following Fieldwork Electives.

    INFO-646 Advanced User Experience Design
    INFO-682 Projects in Information Experience Design
    INFO-698 Practicum/Seminar Information Science
    INFO-699 Independent Study