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Office of the Provost

Image of a courtyard with trees with yellow leaves and a bicycle rack in the background.

The Office of the Provost shapes and supports all aspects of academic life at Pratt, with the aim of creating an inclusive and engaging environment that allows students, staff and faculty to do their best work.

Under the leadership of Pratt’s chief academic officer Provost Donna Heiland, the Provost’s office staff works closely with Pratt’s academic and administrative leaders to:

  • Improve Pratt’s performance in building a diverse pipeline of creative professionals and scholars
  • Support faculty in their scholarly and creative practices
  • Encourage innovation in teaching and learning
  • Develop and offer a high quality and forward-looking curriculum
  • Engage meaningfully with our local communities in Brooklyn and New York City
  • Create opportunities for education abroad
  • Collaborate with industry through research and professional partnerships
  • Provide support for grant seekers and guidance on matters related to intellectual property