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Guide to choosing a Math & Science course

Welcome to the Math & Science Department‘s course offerings site. This site is designed to provide students with the information they need to find courses that meet their educational goals.

The Math & Science Department offers courses that contribute to our students’ general education programs. While “GenEd” might just seem like a collection of courses that students “have to take”, at Pratt that certainly does not need to be the case. Careful selection of general education courses can profoundly enrich both your studio practice and your overall educational experience at Pratt.

Please use this site to learn more about our courses: what topics they cover, what learning experiences they create for students, and what they expect students to do to succeed. By browsing this site you can learn more about the courses offered by the Math & Science Department, including:

  1. CORE courses;
  2. Writing Intensive courses;
  3. Post-CORE courses;
  4. Graduate courses; and
  5. Program-Specific Required courses.

For courses with multiple sections taught by different instructors, you will find listings for particular instructors. While we strive to create consistent learning experiences across sections of the same course, you may discover key differences in the approach of each instructor which can help match you to the instructor that best fits your preferred ways of learning.

We invite you to browse this site so you can discover the Math & Science courses that will best equip you to thrive in your professional discipline.

student in lab
checking a beaker in lab
students in lab
professor working with light and magnifying glass
lab with items
lab demonstration
student working in lab
Polymeric Materials in lab
Form & Design in Nature
student working on computer
beaker and hands in lab
students working with the science of light