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Take one or more PreCollege online course(s) this summer from the comfort of your home. Join students from across the country and around the world developing their art, design, or writing skills. Starting in June, part-time courses meet twice a week providing synchronous instruction from world-class faculty and engaging discussion with like-minded peers, whether for credit or noncredit. A parent/guardian must submit a completed Program Consent Form to prior to the start of class to confirm the student’s ability to participate.

1-Credit Courses

Credit-bearing classes are modeled after Pratt’s undergraduate curriculum and focus on specific areas of study across the Institute’s offerings. Each course requires dedicated time to complete assignments outside of class hours. Students receive a letter grade and elective college credit that is accepted at Pratt and most other universities.

NonCredit Courses

PreCollege noncredit courses are designed to support your creative practice, expand your conceptual and technical skills, and build your portfolio. Each course includes assignments to complete outside of class hours and students receive a pass/fail grade.

2024 Summer Online PreCollege Program Dates:

June 3 – July 3, 2024

Summer 2024 Online Courses

Industrial Design (1-Credit)

Architecture (1-Credit)

Painting and Drawing (1-Credit)

Graphic Design (1-Credit)

Creative Writing (NonCredit)

Portfolio Development – Discover (NonCredit)

PreCollege ELL Portfolio: Oral Communication (NonCredit)

PreCollege ELL Portfolio: Written Communication (NonCredit)

Credit Dates and Deadlines

Tuition per 1-Credit Course
(38% Discounted from Pratt’s Undergraduate Tuition):
Class Time4:00 – 6:15 PM ET
Applications OpenNovember 1, 2023
Credit Application DeadlineMay 1, 2024
Credit Payment DeadlineMay 15, 2024
Withdrawal DeadlineMay 15, 2024

NonCredit Dates and Deadlines

Tuition per NonCredit Course$635
Class Time4:00 – 6:00 PM ET
Noncredit Registration OpensMarch 25, 2024
NonCredit Payment DeadlineMay 20, 2024
Withdrawal DeadlineMay 20, 2024

*Subject to change

Course Descriptions


Architecture (1-Credit):
Reconstruct the spaces you use every day. This course is designed to introduce students to ideas, principles, concepts, and methods of architectural design in a studio setting. Through a graduated sequence of exercises, students explore the architectural concepts of space, form, function, scale, site, structure, and inhabitation through analytic and generative approaches.

Graphic Design (1-Credit):
Explore the impact of design and what makes a design successful in an ever-changing society. Learn basic design principles, computer graphics, and ways of thinking and seeing to create memorable, influential works. The course focuses on imagination, research methods, creative concepts, content development, and clear point-of-view through a series of projects. Design is world-making; from the typeface to the images chosen, seeking to create narratives with intention. Complete design projects toward your portfolio.

Industrial Design (1-Credit):
Reimagine everyday objects. This course will introduce students to the process of designing objects intended to meet the everyday needs of society. In this course, students will examine how embracing today’s social, physical, and ecological needs can present opportunities for creative design. Through drawing and model-making, students will explore, challenge, and redefine the forms and inventions with which we live.

Painting and Drawing (1-Credit):
Translate the three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface. This course covers fundamental issues in drawing and painting while enhancing perception and aesthetic awareness of Fine Art. Students will be familiarized with the visual language of line, shape, composition, proportion, perspective, and color; and are given the tools to express their ideas through a variety of techniques.


Creative Writing (NonCredit): Craft compelling written compositions. Explore the fundamentals of creative writing while developing writing skills in one or more genres or styles (poetry, essay, fiction, writing for theatre, film, or magazines). Students will examine written language, voice, and the composing process through reading/writing assignments, critical reviews, and peer review/critique.

Portfolio Development–Discover (NonCredit):
A professional portfolio can be vital in gaining admission into college. This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of portfolio development. Students will learn what to include in their portfolios-based on standards set by top colleges-and investigate the basic technical skills for developing a professional portfolio. Upon completion of this course, students will be given the opportunity to have their portfolios reviewed by a Pratt admissions counselor to help them gain a first-hand understanding of what might be expected by one of the top colleges.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • At least 15 years old and no older than 18 years old before the first day of the program. No exceptions.
  • Currently enrolled in high school (or equivalent program).
  • Self-motivated, responsible, and willing to dive into college-level study with support from staff and faculty.

Passionate and inquisitive about creating works of art, design, architecture or writing. Program is open to all levels of experience.

A parent/guardian must submit a completed Program Consent Form to prior to the start of class to confirm the student’s ability to participate.

Withdrawal Policy 

Withdrawal or refund requests must be submitted in writing; withdrawals cannot be made by telephone or through the instructor. Withdrawal requests should be emailed to with the course name and “WITHDRAWAL REQUEST” in the subject line. Withdrawals and refunds are computed based on the date of the email received. Requests sent after the deadlines below will not be considered.

Withdrawal Deadlines:

Credit courses: May 15
Noncredit Courses: May 20

  • Withdrawal refund requests submitted in writing before the withdrawal deadline: 100% tuition refund (fees are non-refundable).
  • There is no refund after the withdrawal deadline.

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