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PreCollege is a program that supports future artists, designers, architects, and creative thinkers to develop their skills and creative voice. High school students engage in rigorous college-level courses, modeled after Pratt Institute’s undergraduate offerings and taught by Pratt faculty and alumni who are committed to sharing their expertise in the fields of art, design, and architecture. Students enrolled in credit-bearing PreCollege classes receive elective credits accepted at Pratt and most other colleges and universities.  

Eligibility Requirements

Summer Residential Program

  • At least 16 years old and no older than 18 years old before the first day of the program. No exceptions.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Commuter/Online Programs

  • At least 15 years old and no older than 18 years old before the first day of the program. No exceptions.

All PreCollege Programs

  • Currently enrolled in high school (or equivalent program).
  • United States citizen, permanent resident, or international student with approvedUS Visa.
  • Self-motivated, responsible, and willing to dive into college-level study with support from our Pratt faculty and staff.
  • Passionate and inquisitive about creating works of art, design, architecture or writing. Program is open to all levels of experience.

International students

International students are welcome to join our in-person and online classes. If you want to attend in-person classes and you are not a United States citizen or Permanent Resident, you are considered an international student. International students joining our program are required to have an F-1 student visa. We are not able to accept B-2 visas at this time.

In addition to visa requirements, international students may be required to submit evidence of English Language proficiency. International students are required to upload one of the following documents:

  • Test results from either the TOEFL, TOEFL Home Edition, TOEFL ITP Plus, IELTS, IELTS Indicator, Pearson Test of English (PTE), Duolingo, or SAT/ACT. A score report showing a minimum TOEFL examination score of 76 iBT, IELTS score of 6, or PTE score of 48.
  • Proof of recent full-time study in an English-language high school or IB program. A minimum of one year and a GPA of at least 2.0.
  • For international students interested in strengthening their English Language proficiency, please check out our website in January 2024 for more information on our upcoming Online Intensive English Course scheduled for June 2024.

For specific questions about applying to the Residential Summer PreCollege Program as an international student, please contact


The Learning/Access Center (formerly Disability Resource Center) provides comprehensive academic support services that are available to all Pratt students. The L/AC also facilitates full access for students with disabilities and veterans so that they can freely and actively participate in all facets of Pratt life. The L/AC collaborates to provide Institute-wide advisement and consultation on disability-related matters (including legal compliance and universal design) and provides individual services and tools to facilitate diverse learning styles and accommodations in a sustainable inclusive manner.

Accessibility resources are available at We recommend that all students who may benefit from registering with the LAC complete their registration before the start of the program  For specific questions or concerns about accommodations for PreCollege students please contact and

Tools and Resources

Your Pratt OneKey is your username and password for e-services available throughout the campus. A Pratt OneKey allows students access to a large variety of software and tools during their time at Pratt. OneKeys are generated automatically and login details will be provided to the email address on file for students once their registration has been completed

Students can fill out this form to reset their password. If you can not successfully change the password using the form, please contact our Technology Desk at or by calling them at 718.636.3765. during office hours (M-F, 9 AM–5 PM ET during the school year; or 9 AM–4 PM ET in the summer).

Supplies and Materials

PreCollege students are responsible for purchasing their own materials and supplies for classes, unless otherwise indicated.  Due to the variety of classes offered, PreCollege is unable to provide a generic supply list. PreCollege will share supply lists with students before class begins or students will be asked to purchase materials after the first class. Students should anticipate spending approximately $200 per course on supplies and materials.

Homework and Assignments

PreCollege classes are academically rigorous and are modeled after Pratt’s undergraduate programs. Successful program completion requires all students to complete coursework, including assignments outside of class hours. Students taking noncredit classes can expect to spend a couple of hours outside of each class session on homework. Students taking classes for elective college credit can expect the duration of homework assignments to be equivalent to class hours.  During the residential summer program, students will only have access to their studios during class and scheduled studio hours. Students should review their full syllabus and plan to complete all assignments during these scheduled times.

Attendance and Behavior Policy

PreCollege students are held to a high standard of conduct in the program inside and outside of class. Students will follow all of the same guidelines as undergraduate students in addition to some more specific PreCollege policies. 

Pratt Institute takes the view that any action by one person that causes harm to another person, and/or to Pratt’s spaces and equipment will not be tolerated. Bullying, harassment, or any behavior that causes disruption to a community member’s ability to learn conflicts with the values of Pratt Institute and violates the community member’s right to feel protected, nurtured, and valued. Students can read more about Pratt’s community standards and student guidelines here.

Consistent attendance is essential for the completion of any course or program. Attending class does not earn students any specific portion of their grade, but is the precondition for passing the course, while missing class may seriously harm a student’s grade. Grades may be lowered a letter grade for each unexcused absence, at the discretion of the instructor. Even as few as three unexcused absences in some courses (especially those that meet only once per week) may result in an automatic “F” for the course. A full attendance policy can be viewed here

Student Safety

The PreCollege summer residential program is best suited for young people who are responsible, independent, and self-motivated. When neither in class nor attending mandatory events, students are welcome to leave campus and explore New York City. All residential students are required to check-in for curfew at 11PM each night. The residential summer program may not be appropriate for all students. We invite parents/guardians and their students to discuss and agree on the student’s commitment to meeting our program’s expectations prior to applying.

Pratt’s campus is supported by the Pratt Public Safety team, who are highly trained public safety professionals, responsible for ensuring best practices are followed in the areas of campus safety, security, and emergency management. The members of our Department are on-duty 24/7 to provide public safety services, as well as peace of mind, to the Pratt Institute community.  While off campus, students are encouraged to travel in small groups or pairs and follow all guidelines provided by the Public Safety Department to remain safe.

Applications and Registration Confirmation

Further information about specific timelines can be found on our Fall, Winter, and Spring Webpage. Summer applications begin 6-8 months before the beginning of the program and continue on a rolling basis as space permits. Summer applications can take up 4-6 weeks to be reviewed and all application updates will be sent directly to the student email address on file. 

Accepted Student Packets for our Summer Program will be emailed to registered students in mid-April. The Accepted Student Packet will contain all the forms, deposit instructions, and student ID information necessary to begin your journey with Pratt PreCollege.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Currently, a limited number of program scholarships are only available for the summer residential program. Students can apply for a PreCollege scholarship through the general application by March 1st. We recommend that students apply for scholarships from third-party organizations in addition to the PreCollege scholarships. Students can apply for the following scholarships directly through the summer application:

  • Merit Scholarship
    This scholarship is open to all first-time PreCollege attendees and is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional work and show dedication to their creative development. [Awards up to $1,000]
  • Need-Based Scholarship
    This scholarship is open to US citizens and permanent residents and is awarded to students who exhibit strong work or artistic promise and dedication to their creative development as well as demonstrate financial need in order to attend the PreCollege program. [Full tuition, including fees, room and board]
  • Black Alumni at Pratt Scholarship
    The Black Alumni of Pratt’s Visual Arts & Creative Writing Scholarship is open to all junior and senior high school students of African and Latinx descent who are residents of New York State and registered in a New York State school. [Full tuition, including fees, room and board]

Note: Please check our website regularly. Additional scholarships may become available. 

PreCollege Withdrawals and Refund Policy

Note: In the event that any PreCollege course, or the PreCollege program itself, is canceled by Pratt Institute for any reason, student tuition, room, board, deposit and fees, except for the $50 summer application fee, will be 100% refunded. Other program-related costs not billed by Pratt such as travel, materials, etc. are non-refundable.

All refunds require 5-6 weeks processing time.

PreCollege Summer Residential and Commuter Program

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Official withdrawals prior to the start of the program require:

  • Written notification to Pratt via email ( with the subject line “PreCollege Refund Request”. 
  • Requests received prior to June 1st will receive a refund consisting of 100% of tuition to all students, plus housing and meals to residential students. The deposit ($600), student administration fee ($475) and the application fee ($50) will not be refunded.
  • Withdrawal requests received after June 1st are ineligible for any refunds.

Note: All program fees and deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Official withdrawals after the start of the program require:

  • A scheduled meeting with the Director of PreCollege for an exit interview where, together with parents/guardians, a student must sign a Voluntary Withdrawal Form.
  • Students requesting an official withdrawal will receive a permanent grade of “W” on their academic  record; and will be ineligible for any refunds.
  • Students leaving the program without an exit interview will receive a permanent grade of “F” on their academic record; and will be ineligible for any refunds.

PreCollege Fall, Winter, Spring, and Online Program Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Credit and non-credit courses require:

  • Written notification to Pratt via email ( with the subject line “PreCollege Refund Request.” 
  • Requests received before the start of the second class will receive a 100% tuition refund less non-refundable fees. Any requests received after the start of the second class are ineligible for any refunds.
  • A $15 processing charge will be applied to any refund request per non-credit course per term. 

Online Classes

PreCollege classes are synchronous and cover a variety of disciplines. Our online courses are as academically challenging and require the same number of hours of active participation as in-person classes. 

You will need to meet the following technology requirements to participate in Pratt’s online classes:

• a laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection 

• access to a webcam or phone camera  

• a scanner or decent digital camera 

• all students will be given access to the required digital tools through their Pratt OneKey account (e.G. Gsuites, slack, adobe suite, and zoom). Pratt will use these online platforms to connect students with their faculty and it is the student’s responsibility to check that their region/computer is capable of supporting these various platforms and tools.

In addition to meeting all technology requirements, online students should prepare a space where they are able to work without disruption. We understand that circumstances at home are not always ideal, however, a strong at home studio has the following:

• natural lighting or strong overhead lights

• access to windows and ventilation

• a desk and chair

• a door for privacy

• internet connection

• an area to store supplies

Additional questions? 

For questions about the Program, please contact

For financial questions, please contact