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What is PreCollege?
PreCollege is a program that supports future artists, designers, and creative thinkers to develop their skills and creative voice. High school students engage in rigorous college-level courses, modeled after Pratt Institute’s undergraduate offerings and taught by Pratt faculty who are committed to sharing their expertise in the fields of art and design. Students enrolled in credit-bearing classes receive elective credits accepted at Pratt and most other colleges and universities.

When do PreCollege classes take place? 
Specific information about courses can be found in the “course description”. The schedule and duration of the program will be listed on the site in Eastern Time and all PreCollege classes are synchronous.

How is Pratt responding to COVID-19?
Pratt’s on-going Covid-19 response is available at

Where do I find the location of my course?
Course locations are available in the course description. Please review the course description carefully before registering.

When can I register for PreCollege? 

Fall/spring registration opens 6-8 weeks before the first class and closes 1 week (5 business days) before the start of each course. 

Summer applications begin 6-8 month before the beginning of the program and continue on a rolling basis as space permits. 

Please join our email list and follow our social media pages so you can know when our applications launch.

Are there scholarships for PreCollege?
Scholarships are only available in the summer and there is a very limited number available. You can apply for a PreCollege scholarship through the general application. We recommend that students apply for scholarships from third-party organizations in addition to the PreCollege scholarship.

Do PreCollege classes have homework?
All PreCollege courses will have homework. Credit students should expect to have homework that is equal to the hours they spend in class. 

What classes are offered?
Our web page lists our most recent and upcoming classes. If you are interested in another class, please email us at We’re always looking to expand our course selections and cater to our student’s interests.

What is the difference between credit vs non-credit classes?
Students enrolled in credit-bearing PreCollege classes receive elective credits accepted at Pratt and most colleges and universities. PreCollege credit classes are 38% discounted from Pratt courses. Classes are taught at the college level and support a rigorous and exciting introduction to explorations in art, design and creative thinking. Non-Credit classes give students an opportunity to explore a discipline at Pratt in a less academically demanding environment.

What materials are required for PreCollege classes?
Due to the variety of concentrations offered, PreCollege is unable to provide a generic supply list.  Students will have their supply list shared with them before the start of class. 

Can I take PreCollege classes if I’m in middle school?
PreCollege courses are designed for high school students between 15 and 18 years old and would not be suitable for middle school students. Please check the Saturday Art School program for more additional programming for young students at Pratt.

What is a Pratt OneKey?
A Pratt OneKey allows students access to a large variety of software and tools during their time at Pratt. OneKeys are generated automatically and login details will be provided to the email address on file for students.

What do I do if my OneKey doesn’t work?
Students can fill out this form to reset their password. If you can not successfully change the password using the form, please contact our Technology Desk at or by calling them at 718.636.3765

Is Pratt accessible?
Accessibility resources are available at For specific questions or concerns about accommodations for PreCollege students please contact For more information, please view the Learning/Access Center website.

What is the attendance policy at Pratt?
Consistent attendance is required for the completion of any course or program. Attending class does not earn students any specific portion of their grade, but is the precondition for passing the course, while missing class may seriously harm a student’s grade. Grades may be lowered a letter grade for each unexcused absence, at the discretion of the instructor. Even as few as three unexcused absences in some courses (especially those that meet only once per week) may result in an automatic “F” for the course.

Where are PreCollege classes hosted online?
PreCollege classes are hosted over Zoom and Canvas. Faculty may use other online tools to enhance class such as Miro. Students can use their Pratt emails to sign up for these services.

Can international students join?
International students are eligible to apply for our online program.

What are the technology requirements of PreCollege online classes?
• a laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection 
• access to a webcam or phone camera  
• a scanner or decent digital camera 
• all students will be given access to the required digital tools through their Pratt OneKey account (e.G. Gsuites, slack, adobe suite, and zoom). Pratt will use these online platforms to connect students with their faculty and it is the student’s responsibility to check that their region/computer is capable of supporting these various platforms and tools.

Where should students work at home?
Students should prepare a space where they are able to work without disruption. We understand that circumstances at home are not always ideal, however, a strong at home studio has the following:
• natural lighting or strong overhead lights
• access to windows and ventilation
• a desk and chair
• a door for privacy
• internet connection
• cleaning supplies to wipe down any surface
• an area to store supplies

Additional questions? Contact