Intensive English

(individual and group)
If you are attending Intensive English classes at Pratt, we offer extra practice with reading, writing, and speaking skills. See also Conversation groups below.

English Classes

undergraduate (individual)
Our tutors are ready, qualified and willing to help you work on your 100, 101, 102, 103, and 105 and English electives assignments. Although we are happy to work with you on your essays and reading comprehension, please do not expect tutors to have done all the reading for your classes! Remember to bring all materials (including original essay assignment sheets) to your sessions.

Art History

undergraduate and graduate (individual and group)
Dominica and Sarah, our resident Art History tutors, specialize in tutoring the Survey One and Two classes, as well as the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century classes. They are quite happy to work on written assignments or reading for any other art history courses as well. We have various other tutors who are also qualified to help you with Art History, so if they aren't available and this is the type of tutoring you need, make sure you inform us when you sign up for tutoring and we still may be able to accommodate you.

Written Assignments for any Pratt class

Although Pratt is an art school, you will have written assignments in classes other than English and Art History. Our English tutors are happy to work with you on your writing for ANY classes. So, feel free to drag in your Social Science papers, business proposals for marketing classes, project assessment reports, anything at all that requires structure, full sentences, and articulation of ideas through words rather than images. Although we may not be able to tutor you on the content of the courses, we can definitely work with you on the effectiveness of your papers.


(individual and group)
Math tutoring with Carl is available to anyone attending Pratt math classes. Don't hesitate to come and work with him to help you successfully get through your math classes.


(individual and group)
Statics (for those of you who haven't taken it) is a course that teaches the physics of things that stand still; static. Our Statics tutor, Carl, works with students who are currently taking the Statics class as part of their architecture degree.


(individual and group)
Not surprisingly, our Statics tutor is also our Physics tutor! Just ask to make an appointment with Carl.


Thesis appointments are available for students working on their graduate thesis. These appointments are designed to help you THROUGHOUT the thesis generation and writing process and will only be given to students who are prepared to attend regularly. Thesis appointments will not be given on a one time only or walk in basis. If you intend to attend thesis tutoring, you must apply specifically for it, and you also must start tutoring before halfway through the semester. After that point, no new thesis students will be accepted. The thesis is a long, complicated piece of work which you must present in order to graduate. Attending thesis tutoring will help ensure your success!