Weekly Appointments

These are available to students who know they will need the regular assistance of a tutor. When you sign up for a weekly appointment, you are assigned to a specific tutor who you will meet with you for one hour each week. You are expected to attend each session throughout the semester (as if it was another class). If you miss sessions you will lose your tutoring slot. You may use the session to work on class assignments and/or general skills according to the subject. Weekly appointment slots fill up quickly at the beginning of the semester. Be sure to sign up quickly!

One Time Only Appointments

You may not require the regular assistance of a tutor, but you may encounter an assignment or course work which you do need help with. If this is the case, sign up for a one time only appointment. This consists of an hour with a tutor. Be clear what kind of assignment you will be working on when you make the appointment; this way the most suitable tutor can be chosen for you. Please be aware that one time only tutoring is only available if we have spots available in the tutoring schedule—it isn't always possible. Make your appointment as far in advance as possible. Also, please note that one time only tutoring is not designed for thesis students.

Walk In Tutoring

What happens if you don't have a weekly appointment, didn't know in advance that you needed help, or there wasn't an appointment slot available when you called? Try walking into the Writing and Tutorial Center and asking politely at the appointment desk. If there is a spare tutor available, they will be happy to work with you. Walk in tutoring really should only be attempted if truly desperate, and you must be aware that the Art History tutors' time is strictly limited, and it is unlikely you will be able to see them this way.

Please note: although we try to meet everyone's needs, we only have a certain amount of tutors and tutoring hours to go around, thus priority is given to weekly appointments. Please sign up for one immediately if you know you will be needing assistance. Don't hesitate!