Minor Coordinator

Martin Dege
Email: mdege@pratt.edu
Office: DeKalb Hall 318


Psychology is a study of human mental processes, emotions, behaviors, and activities. The Psychology minor at Pratt Institute provides students with a deep grounding in diverse theoretical perspectives and a working understanding of empirical research methodologies in order to scaffold creative, critical, and psychologically mindful processes of artistic production, design, urban planning, and architecture. We aim to train broad and creative thinkers by exposing students to classical theoretical and methodological approaches while at the same time articulating a new understanding of psychology in the direction of critical engagement with the canonical field. Situated at Pratt in Brooklyn, New York, Psychology Minor aims to produce socially and culturally relevant research that reflects the vibrancy of these two uniquely dynamic and diverse urban contexts.

How to Minor in Psychology

The minor requires 15 credits.

Two courses are required:

  • SS-210 General Psychology (3 credits)
  • SS-430 Methods of Cultural Analysis (3 credits)

There are two menus from which you must choose at least three credits each:

Menu 1:

  • SS-232 Freud and Beyond: Introduction to Psychoanalysis (3 credits)
  • SS-357 Psychology of Gender/Sex Roles (3 credits)
  • SS-359 Cognitive Psychology (3 credits)
  • SS-391 Child & Adolescent Development (3 credits)
  • SS-444 Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
  • SS-456 Social Psychology (3 credits)
  • SS-336 The Interpretation of Dreams

Menu 2:

  • FVID-350 Dreams, Memories and Hallucinations (3 credits)
  • HMS-330A Freud & Lacan (3 credits)
  • INT-342 Time Culture Context (3 credits)
  • PHIL-355 Theories of Knowledge (3 credits)
  • HMS-430D Psychoanalysis and Art (3 credits)
  • SS-369 Perception and Creativity (3 credits)
  • SS-358 Environmental Psychology (3 credits)
  • SSWI-220T Personality, Self, Identity: Who Am I Really?

You should speak with your academic advisor and the minor coordinator before filling a minor declaration form.

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