Social Science and Cultural Studies

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The Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies provides students with critical skills that expand how they perceive their intellectual, artistic, and professional work. We provide training in Critical and Visual Studies, our major that is designed to enhance independent learning and the development of social analysis. Our faculty are trained in disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics as well as history, philosophy, and cultural studies. Further, much of our research and teaching addresses how to broadly think about pressing social, political, and environmental concerns in a rapidly changing world. Our General Education offers a choice between global approaches and comparison or methods for doing, being, and thinking. We also offer a range of minors including: Psychology, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Social Justice/Social Practice, Sustainability, and Gender/Sexuality. These minors allow students to concentrate in areas that complement the major in Critical and Visual Studies or to enhance key writing and theory skills for studio majors.

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