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Office of Facilities Management

An aerial photograph of campus. A person is walking along the paths that cut through the grass and trees.

The Department of Facilities Management, Planning, and Design is responsible for major and minor project management, space reporting and management, campus planning, master planning and development, and campus enhancements, including management of the institute’s buildings, assets, and utilities. The Department’s objectives are carried out by experienced, professional employees/personnel in support of the Institute and its mission. The Department of Facilities Management is an integral part of Pratt’s Administrative Services.

Our Mission

The mission of Facilities Management is to support the Institute by enhancing the quality of physical facilities. We do this through planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and maintaining in a responsive, service-oriented, effective, and environmentally-conscious manner.

Our Vision

To be an innovative team that is recognized and respected for fostering a high-quality, lasting environment.

Our Values

Truth, Respect, Excellence, Teamwork, and Integrity.

Service Requests

How to Submit A Facilities Service Request

Did you know the Office of Facilities Management receives over 900 service requests a month? That is about 215 per week or more than 11,000 per year.  Help the Office of Facilities Management to improve our service and response time by using the online work order system.   Accessed via the Pratt web portal, the online system is easy to use and filled with user-friendly functionality: 

  • submit work and service requests online using your onekey credentials,
  • receive real time assignment of work orders with updates on status and scheduling,
  • use the review function to update service order requests and check your work order history. 

To Submit A New Work Order/Service Request:

Standard Work Orders and Service Requests should be submitted online using onePratt (Pratt onekey username and password required).

1) from the onePratt dashboard click the Contact Support button or use

2) from the Help page select: Contact Facilities

3) You will be directed to the Pratt Institute work request welcome page

4) enter the service needed using the work request form.


East Hall Boiler & Plaza Project Update For September 2022 

East hall boiler, on pratt campus
  • Chimney scaffolding work in progress.
  • Removal of the East Hall Plaza concrete slab is scheduled to begin at the end of September. 
  • It is anticipated to be noisy at times. We will work with the contractor to help minimize disruptions.

Site Access Plan

East Hall Boiler & Plaza Project Update For August 1st 2022

East hall boiler, on pratt campus
  • The contractor continues work for demolition of the old boilers and mechanical piping in the Basement of East Hall.
  • Sidewalk bridging will be installed in front of the East Hall Chapel as well as Chimney scaffolding in the next few weeks.
  • Removal of the East Hall Plaza concrete slab is scheduled to begin as soon as all prep work is completed. It is anticipated to be noisy at times. We will work with the contractor to help minimize disruptions.

East Hall Boiler and Plaza Project Update for July 2022

  • 7/5 – Construction Trailer to Arrive 
  • 7/6 – 7/8 – Temporary Boiler Area Prep and 2nd Boiler Delivery
  • 7/5 – Construction Trailer to Arrive 
  • 7/6 – 7/8 – Temporary Boiler Area Prep and 2nd Boiler Delivery
  • Beginning mid-July –  Installation of Construction Safety Fence Around Boiler Area. Installation of Construction Safety Fence to enclose Contractor Staging Area. Installation of Construction Safety Fence Around East Plaza. East Hall Entrance from Grand Ave Closed.
  • Starting August 1st – Please be aware that Access into East Hall is restricted to Courtyard entrance only and from Main 2nd floor ramp. Grand Avenue west sidewalk closed from Chapel to South Walk. And North Walk closed between Grand Avenue and the Newman clock.
  • Site Access Plan (Coming Soon)

Facilities Planning, Design + Construction

Summer 2022 Construction Project
Project: Boiler + Plaza + Chimney
Building: East Hall
Estimated Start: June 2022
Estimated Completion: Fall 2023

Starting as early as July work will begin on major upgrades to the central heating plant which provides the heating and hot water for most of the campus buildings. Work is scheduled to begin immediately after commencement and last for the next 18 months. Upgrades include removal of the old boilers and installation of new high efficiency boilers to replace them. The boilers are below East plaza which will need to be removed in order to access the plant below. Reconstruction of a new plaza will include landscape, outdoor furnishings and spaces for social interaction and an outdoor classroom. Included in this work will be repairs to the chimney and building façade. Access around East Hall and portions of Grand Avenue will be restricted to construction activities. This will necessitate alternative entrances to East Hall since the Grand Avenue doorway will be closed for most of the work. 

We will be working with Pratt Communications on the messaging and signage to help keep everyone informed on the latest activities and up to date as the project progresses. 

The DeKalb Avenue turnstile and gate at Grand Avenue are closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic between 7 AM and 6 PM until fall 2022. Contact Facilities at 718.636.3579 if you have questions or concerns.

Facade work and masonry repairs

Several projects are set to begin including for Pratt Manhattan, Higgins Hall and Pantas Hall. In preparation of the facade work scaffolding will be installed around portions of the buildings. Please observe safety signage when accessing the building and be aware that some doorways may need to be closed temporarily.

Office Hours

Normal Business Hours: Monday–Friday (8 AM–4 PM)
Evening/Night Shift Hours: Monday–Friday (4 PM–11 PM; 11 PM–7 AM)

After Hours or Emergencies

After 11pm or on weekends, emergencies may be called in to the Pratt Department of Public Safety and Security. They will get in touch with someone on duty.

During School Work Coverage

During the school year our staff is on duty seven days per week, 24 hours per day to handle routine cleaning of dorms, office areas, academic buildings, and dining halls as well as handling any emergencies that may occur.

During Summer Work Coverage

During the summer months, our staff is on duty seven days per week between the hours of 7:30 AM through 4 PM; and 4 PM through 11 PM. We also provide emergency service between the hours of 11 PM and 7:30 AM.