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In Cho

Visiting Assistant Professor

ChoShields Studio
Passive House For Everyone! (PHFE) : )
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In Cho is the Sustainability Coordinator for Undergraduate Architecture at Pratt Institute.  She is a Registered Architect in NY, NJ, & CT, an internationally Certified Passive House Designer, and an industry leader in sustainable architecture and education.  She co-founded ChoShields Studio, whose mission is to promote social and environmental resiliency by creating healthy, beautiful, and enjoyable spaces where people can live, work, and gather together.

With a multi-disciplinary focus spanning low-carbon architectural design, environmental education, and policy advocacy, Cho champions sustainability initiatives, reaching diverse audiences from industry professionals to youth.  Her impact extends both locally and globally, advising as an industry expert on the NYC Energy Conservation Code, training AEC industry professionals on Passive House principles, and lecturing on her Passive House projects and transformative educational initiatives.

In Cho co-founded the non-profit Passive House for Everyone!, which provides youth with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to transform complex ideas about environmental resilience into their own creative outlets to stimulate climate solutions yet imagined.  Cho’s goal is to empower everyone for Climate Action so that we can together ensure a positive and equitable future for all.

Master of Architecture – Columbia University, GSAPP