Foundation student work
Gabby de Castro-Olano; Light, Color, Design

The Pratt Foundation Starter Kit will have some of the basic tools and materials needed for all your first-year foundation classes. These tools and materials will set you up for success throughout the year.

Please purchase the Pratt Foundation Starter Kit before the beginning of the fall semester. 

In addition to the Foundation Starter Kit, all students enrolling in Time and Movement classes will need to purchase a hard drive as well as a SD card. We recommend you buy a tripod to support your phone this semester allowing you to take better quality photos and video of your work from your remote location. Please see the suggested specs for your tripod, your hard drive, and how to format your hard drive to be Mac and Windows compatible.

The Pratt Foundation Starter Kit is supported by our friends at Blick who worked with us to discount each kit.  This discount totalled $10,000, and we are so grateful for our Blick partners.

And with this good news comes more good news:

Trustee Emeriti, Bruce Newman, (BFA, Interior Design '53)  learned about Blick's generosity and decided to make your Foundation Starter Kit completely free.

The Bruce Newman Student Materials Fund will purchase—and ship as needed, both nationally and internationally—these kits for each and every Foundation student!

Mr. Newman knows what it is like to be an incoming first-year student and needing to purchase supplies.  When he first came on campus in 1949, his father's business was just starting to recover after the Great Depression, and money for supplies was a stretch for his family.  He believes that, by reaching out to you in this way, showing that he cares about your success, you will have a better start in your Pratt career.  

Mr. Newman received the Alumni Achievement award in 2014, and an honorary degree in 1997, and his philanthropy to Pratt has also been demonstrated through many beautification projects on the Pratt Brooklyn campus over the past two decades. 

Questions? Please contact Julia Shinay,

Foundation Starter Kit 2020-2021

*Please note that this is a starter kit and faculty will ask students to purchase additional materials for specific assignments over the course of the year.