Foundation student work
Gabby de Castro-Olano; Light, Color, Design

As you prepare for your classes you will need to purchase supplies. We have provided a list of supplies for a starter kit all incoming Foundation students should purchase, attached here. The Pratt Foundation Starter Kit will have some of the basic tools and materials needed for all your first-year foundation classes. These tools and materials will set you up for success throughout the year.

These supplies can be purchased wherever is convenient for you, however we have provided pre-made lists with Blick and Amazon for your convenience. Note that while supplies may arrive more quickly with Amazon, due to Amazon's differing stock the total cost will be more with Amazon than Blick and will require you to purchase 1 item (ColorAid Full Spectrum 4.5" x 6") with another vendor as it is not carried by Amazon.

Blick List
Amazon List

In addition to the Foundation Starter Kit, all students enrolling in Time and Movement classes will need to purchase a hard drive as well as a SD card. We also recommend you buy a tripod to support your phone this semester allowing you to take better quality photos and video of your work from your remote location. Please see the suggested specs, attached, for your tripod, your hard drive, and how to format your hard drive to be Mac and Windows compatible. For students enrolling in SFP classes, faculty will communicate with you directly about additional materials needed for those courses. 

Finally, we have good news for all new Foundation students purchasing supplies. Due to a generous donation from the Bruce Newman Student Materials Fund all incoming Foundation students can receive up to $300 reimbursed for the purchase of these supplies. To receive your reimbursement, submit to a receipt for all the purchased supplies, up to the $300 limit. Please include your full name, your Pratt ID#, and your current address. The deadline to submit receipts for reimbursement is Friday, 2/5/21.

Please note if you are a declared Fashion major we strongly suggest you use the Bruce Newman Student Materials Fund for the purchase of a sewing machine. Attached is a list of recommended sewing machines.