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Foundation Starter Kit 2022-2023

Hello Pratt Foundation Students!

If you are studying with us this fall we ask that you purchase the Pratt Foundation Starter Kit before the beginning of the fall semester; you will have time during orientation week to do so. The Pratt Foundation Starter Kit will have some of the basic tools and materials needed for all your first-year foundation classes. These tools and materials will set you up for success throughout the year. 

The Pratt Foundation Starter Kit is available for sale at Blick (536 Myrtle Avenue) near Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. This kit is highly discounted at $176.99 before tax (from $238.68 list price) with support from Blick and Pratt Foundation. Students will need to purchase the kit in-person during the week of orientation; please be prepared to show your Pratt ID for purchase. The Pratt Foundation Starter Kit is only available for in person pick up.

In addition to the Pratt Foundation Starter Kit  you may need the following:

  • Pratt Institute and Pratt Foundation strongly recommend these laptops for students enrolled in all degree programs. Some of your Foundation course content will be delivered online and it’s important that you be able to participate appropriately (see the attached PDF for more information).
  • Students enrolled in Time and Movement classes will need to purchase a hard drive as well as a SD card. Please see the PDF below for more information on suggested specs. 
  • Many LCD classes will require the use of Color-aid. Your professor will let you know if you need this item by the first day of class. If you purchase the kit you will receive a coupon for a discounted rate on the Color-aid should you need to purchase (the kit with Color-aid included costs $243.47 before tax).

Questions? Please contact Eleanor King /  Leslie Mutchler

Foundation Starter Kit 2022-2023 


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