Yoga students

Pratt Institute, Integrative Mind & Body Program is nationally recognized by Yoga Download as one of the top 10 Institutions for their yoga program.

Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) has launched the Integrative Mind and Body Program on its Brooklyn Campus.

Courses are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, allowing undergraduate and graduate students to apply one-credit courses toward their studio elective requirements. All students must be registered as a full time student at Pratt, see your Academic Advisor for course scheduling and registration.

We are dedicated to providing diverse styles of Yoga, Yoga of Meditation, Pilates, Qigong, as well as Contemplative Practice studies that are safe, nurturing and empowering. The training will foster students’ self-discovery in body, mind and spirit. Through their practice, students will develop skills on coping with stress, improve in academic performance, and increase mental and physical stability. 

All of the instructors that teach within the Integrative Mind & Body Program are certified in their specialized practice with years of experience in body, mind, and spirit practices. 

REGISTRATION: Please see your advisor.

Contact: Professor Rosie De Pasquale,
Coordinator of The Integrative Mind & Body Program



This course provides an introduction to mindfulness practices to facilitate greater engagement with life and coping with stress. Mindfulness involves bringing intentional non-judgmental awareness to what is happening in the present moment.

Sec. 1               Rhonda Schaller


This course focuses on creativity and creative practice in the arts through the lens of contemplative inquiry, including embodied perception, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, beholding, deep listening, mind mapping, free writing and visual journaling.

Sec. 1               Rhonda Schaller



This course uses somatic practices to promote movement awareness and mind and body integration.  Students will be able to understand and practice basic principles concerning breath, anatomy, gravity, space, and movement awareness while owning their own creative process throughout the course.

Sec. 1               Jessie Gold

YOGA-105W -  Beginner Hatha Yoga

This course offers students the fundamentals of Hatha style yoga practice, emphasizing a Vinyasa style (yoga sequences connected with the breath) along with an introduction to Yogic philosophy. Attention is given to postural alignment to safely develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, as well as reduce stress.

Sec.1 & 3 Robin Simmonds
Sec. 2 Liza Toft
Sec.4,5&8  Shahar Yannay
Sec. 6 Rosie De Pasquale
Sec.7 Shamina Raos
Sec. 9 Jennifer Minniti
Sec.10 TBA

Yoga-125-W    YOGALATES

Yogalates is a hybrid introduction course to Yoga and Pilates, two complementary body/mind exercise regimes.  Both practices strengthen core and postural muscles, while improving balance and coordination.

Sec.1               Rose De Pasquale
Sec.2               Robin Simmonds
Sec.3               Molly Cuff
Sec.4               Rose De Pasquale

Yoga-135W  - Beginner Qigong

Qigong, (pronounced chee gung) is an ancient Chinese Body-Mind-Spirit practice involving slow, gentle, repetitive movement with gentle breathing and a focused mind.  This practice produces physical health and flexibility, a calm, clear centered mind, and a palpable increase in energy, as well as an uplifted mood.  Students will leave with an easy and very practical Qigong practice and a greatly expanded view of self and of existence

Sec.1               Michael McComiskey

Yoga-136W  - Intermediate Qigong

Intermediate Qigong practice offers students an extended view both of ‘self’ and of the nature of ‘reality’.  Each session will combine actively practicing Qigong along with discussion drawing upon traditional Chinese teachings and current cutting-edge scientific research from such fields as Quantum Physics, medical biology, neuroscience, and brain and consciousness research, as well as teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions and shamanic traditions.

Sec.1               Michael McComiskey


This course teaches students how to effectively use props in their Yoga practice to create support and stability, enhance alignment and aide in making challenging poses more accessible with the use of yoga chairs, bolsters, blankets and straps.

Sec.1               Robin Simmonds
Sec.2               Shahar Yannay
Sec.3               Molly Cuff


The Yoga Therapy course introduces the inner traditions and historical context of yoga philosophy and its contemporary perspective. Yoga as Therapy will be explored. This class will include contemporary understanding of yogic principles integrated with a therapeutic yoga practice including restorative and yin postures during each class.

Sec. 1,2 &3      Tina Paul

YOGA-205W -  Intermediate Hatha Yoga

This course offers students the opportunity to further deepen their Yoga practice with the inclusion of all Hatha yoga postures taught in YOGA-105W. Additional postures will be introduced emphasizing a Vinyasa style along with continued Yogic philosophy teachings.

Section 1, Liza Toft


This course offers students the opportunity to further deepen their Yoga practice with the inclusion of all Hatha Yoga postures taught in Yoga-105W.  Additional postures will be introduce emphasizing a Vinyasa style along with continued Yogic philosophy teachings.

Sec. 1               Liza Toft

YOGA-225W - Yoga of Meditation

Yoga of Meditation is an introduction to the study and practice of the main styles and common threads of meditation.  Students will be introduced to the tools that train the mind’s attention in ever increasing mindful awareness of their inner and outer world.  This mind-body practice supports mental, emotional and physical balance as well as fosters a sense of inner calm.    

Sec.1 & 2         Joelle Danant
Sec.3 & 4         Robin Simmonds
Sec.5                  Shahar Yannay
Sec.6                  Rhonda Schaller


PILAT-105W- Beginner Mat Pilates

Students gain a working knowledge of the Pilates Mat Principles, postures and the benefits associated with Pilates for core strength and stability as they perform the basic Pilates postures and breathing techniques.

Sec.1 & 2         Rose De Pasquale
Sec.3                  Molly Cuff


Core Integration offers students the opportunity to access and strengthen their center (core muscles) as a place of orientation for physical movement and acquire a deeper knowledge of anatomy with their own unique alignment. 

Sec.1 & 2         Robin Simmonds
Sec.3                  Molly Cuff


The Intermediate Mat Pilates course takes students into the second level of the Pilates Method. This class offers a full body workout to lengthen and strengthen the body while enhancing flexibility and balance

Sec. 1               C J Holm