Yoga students

Pratt Institute, Integrative Mind & Body Program is nationally recognized by Yoga Download as one of the top 10 Institutions for their yoga program.

Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) has launched the Integrative Mind and Body Program on its Brooklyn Campus.

Courses are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, allowing undergraduate and graduate students to apply one-credit courses toward their studio elective requirements. All students must be registered as a full time student at Pratt, see your Academic Advisor for course scheduling and registration.

We are dedicated to providing diverse styles of Yoga, Yoga of Meditation, Pilates, Qigong, as well as Contemplative Practice studies that are safe, nurturing and empowering. The training will foster students’ self-discovery in body, mind and spirit. Through their practice, students will develop skills on coping with stress, improve in academic performance, and increase mental and physical stability. 

All of the instructors that teach within the Integrative Mind & Body Program are certified in their specialized practice with years of experience in body, mind, and spirit practices. 

REGISTRATION: Please see your advisor.

Contact: Professor Rosie De Pasquale,
Coordinator of The Integrative Mind & Body Program



YOGA-105W -  Beginner Hatha Yoga

This course offers students the fundamentals of Hatha style yoga practice, emphasizing a Vinyasa style (yoga sequences connected with the breath) along with an introduction to Yogic philosophy. Attention is given to postural alignment to safely develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, as well as reduce stress.

Section 1 & 3, Robin Simmonds
Section 2, Liza Toft
Section 4, 5, & 8 Shahar Yannay
Section 6, Rosie De Pasquale
Section 7, Shamina Rao Herel
Section 9, Jennifer Minniti
Section 10, Aude Cardona

YOGA-205W -  Intermediate Hatha Yoga: (Prerequisite, Yoga-105W)

This course offers students the opportunity to further deepen their Yoga practice with the inclusion of all Hatha yoga postures taught in YOGA-105W. Additional postures will be introduced emphasizing a Vinyasa style along with continued Yogic philosophy teachings.

Section 1, Liza Toft

YOGA-125W – Yogalates

Yogalates is a hybrid introduction course to Yoga and Pilates, two complementary body/mind exercise regimes.  Both practices strengthen core and postural muscles, while improving balance and coordination. The intended result is overall enhanced fitness and awareness of one’s body for mind-body alignment.

Section 1 & 4, Rosie De Pasquale
Section 2, Robin Simmonds
Section 3, Molly Cuff

YOGA-145W – Supported Yoga with Props

This course teaches students how to effectively use props in their Yoga practice to create support and stability, enhance alignment and aide in making challenging poses more accessible with the use of yoga chairs, bolsters, blankets and straps.

Section 1, Robin Simmonds
Section 2 & 3, Shahar Yannay

YOGA-155W - Yoga Therapy

The Yoga Therapy course is designed to explore and discuss the inner traditions and classic texts of yoga as well as yoga postures.  Historic texts including Patanjali’s Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika will be explored.  Students will practice the tools of yoga tradition and reflect on the impact of these tools in daily life. 

Section 1,2 & 3 Tina Paul

YOGA-225W - Yoga of Meditation

Yoga of Meditation is an introduction to the study and practice of the main styles and common threads of meditation.  Students will be introduced to the tools that train the mind’s attention in ever increasing mindful awareness of their inner and outer world.  This mind-body practice supports mental, emotional and physical balance as well as fosters a sense of inner calm.    

Section 1 & 2, Joelle Danant
Section 3 & 4 Robin Simmonds
Section 5, Shahar Yannay
Section 6, Rhonda Schaller



YOGA-135W- Beginner Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese body-mind-spirit practice involving slow, gentle movements with gentle breathing and a focused mind. This practice produces physical healthiness, a calm, clear mind, increased energy as well as an uplifted mood. Along with discussion on traditional Chinese teachings, students will benefit from this ancient practice.

Section 1, Michael McComiskey

YOGA-136WP – Intermediate Qigong: (Prerequisite, Yoga-135W)

Intermediate Qigong practice offers students an extended view both of “self” and of the nature of reality. Through the continued active practice and discussion of traditional Chinese teachings including Quantum Physics, neuroscience and consciousness research students will expand their Qigong repertoire and deepen the use of the practice exploring new ways of being “present” with oneself and their environment. The primary goal is to live more fully and more joyfully.       

Section 1, Michael McComiskey


PILAT-105W- Beginner Mat Pilates

Students gain a working knowledge of the Pilates Mat Principles, postures and the benefits associated with Pilates for core strength and stability as they perform the basic Pilates postures and breathing techniques.

Section 1 & 2 Rosie De Pasquale
Section 3, Molly Cuff

PILAT-205W - Intermediate Mat Pilates:(Prerequisite, Pilat-105W) 

The Intermediate Mat Pilates course takes students into the second level of the Mat Pilates Method, requiring students to build further on core awareness, breath, centering, alignment and precision.  This course offers a full body workout to lengthen and strengthen the body while enhancing flexibility and balance.

Section 1, Molly Cuff     

PILAT-135W - Core Integration

Core Integration offers students the opportunity to access and strengthen their core muscles as a place of orientation for physical movement and acquire a deepened knowledge of anatomy with their own unique alignment. Students will be encouraged to research their movement patterns and support their musculoskeletal system through embodiment of the course teachings.

Section 1 Robin Simmonds
Section 2, Molly Cuff



CP-400W - Contemplative Art Making

This course focuses on creativity and creative practice in the arts through the lens of contemplative inquiry. Including embodies perception, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, deep listening, mind mapping free e writing and visual journaling.  Students will explore the world of meditation, mindfulness and movement contemplative practice for an inward focused reflective learning journey and art making processes through drawing.

Section 1, Rhonda Schaller  


All Instructors within our program are Certified Instructors within their specialized practice.

Rosie De Pasquale, Professor, Coordinator of The Integrative Mind & Body Program.  Professor DePasquale,  E-RYT500 certified in Hatha Yoga, Prenatal yoga & Power Pilates Mat certification.  In 2010 she launched The Integrative Mind & Body Program and has been Coordinator of IMB program since its inception. Her yoga practice began in the 80’s with a passion for Hatha and Ashtanga yoga and she has been teaching yoga since 2004.  Her additional trainings include meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, yoga anatomy, Ayurveda Perfect Health Program at the Chopra Center for Wellness, Contemplative Learning in Higher Education, and Balancing the Chakras, at the Chopra Center.

Professor De Pasquale started at Pratt in 1988 teaching in the Fashion Department and Chairing the Fashion Department for 10 of those 23 years.  Professor De Pasquale admits that the transition from Fashion to Yoga was bitter sweet.  “My passion for yoga was with me throughout my carrier in fashion, but as the IMB program began to flourish on the Pratt Brooklyn campus I had to make the decision of letting one of my passions supersede the other, and I am so thankful for that change in my life.  I believe that the physical practice on the mat has taught me to transition and unfold in my life off of the mat with balance and inner peace.   The practice of yoga continually inspires me to live in the moment more mindfully, and as I teach I learn and am reminded to be humble and grateful for all that is in my life.  In my classes I like to combine creative sequencing, and inspiration to help deepen the students practice.”                                   

Aude Cardona, Aude is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been practicing for 17 years and teaching for 10 years.  She encountered Yoga in Rishikesh, India in 2001 and since then has practiced and taught in Paris, Berlin and New York City.  Aude is also an opera singer and graduate from the Manhattan School of Music, and is certified as Vocologist from the National Center of Voice and Speech.  Her Yoga teaching is inspired by all of her disciplines, bringing to her classroom the deep correlation between Yoga and Voice, yogic philosophy, and the practice of Vipassana (Insight meditation).

Joelle Danant, Educator, Minister, Singer/Musician/Composer, Writer, Certified Instructor in Music Improvisation (Music for People), Certified Integral Yoga Teacher, Level 1, 200 Hours (Integral Yoga Institute). Recipient, Pratt Faculty Development Fund Award, Pratt Institute, 2016. CD "Sacred Union" released in 2017. Recipient, Music Ambassador Award, Music for People, 2013. Developed and teach the first two sections of the 1-credit "Yoga of Meditation course" -- meditation for wellness, creativity and sustainability -- since 2013 for the Integrative Mind and Body Program, Pratt SCPS (School of Continuing and Professional Studies). Instructor for Meditation course (non-credit) for adults, within the Mindfulness through Contemplative Practices Program, Pratt SCPS. Program Director, Pratt SCPS. Studying and living with art since childhood, including under the guidance and inspiration of visual artist Mother.


Master’s Degree in International Administration (Program in Inter-Cultural Management), School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT.
License Degree (Bachelors Equivalent) in Foreign Languages (English and German) Applied to International Business, Universite de Paris XII, Paris, France.
Ordained Interfaith Minister, One Spirit Seminary, New York, NY.
Certified Instructor in Music Improvisation, Music for People, Goshen, CT.
Certified Integral Yoga Teacher, level 1 (200 Hours), Integral Yoga Institute, New York, NY.

Molly Cuff Kelleher, Molly Cuff,  RYT-200, is a Yogi, Pilates and Barre Instructor and Actress.  She is also the owner of Bumble + Flow movement company (, certified in Yoga thru Finding Inner Peace Yoga School, certified in Pilates from Stott Pilates and Barre thru Boston Body Barre. In college she majored in acting with a minor in dance from Emerson College.  In 2013 she launched her brand Bumble + Flow, teaching her own brand of Barre that grew from her Pilates/Dance/Yoga and functional training. Molly infuses the spirit of transformation, the room to discover, and the opportunity to play into each of her classes.  In her words, “We come to movement for change, for joy, for grounding, to bring us back to our improvisational selves”

Michael Hopkins McComiskey, Michael McComiskey, M.A., a life-long educator, has been practicing Qigong for more than two decades.  He has served on the board of the National Qigong Association and currently still serves on its Advisory Council.  He is affiliated with the Center for Complementary Medicine at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital where he teaches and has led retreats and conducted workshops nationally.  He is known for his wide breadth of knowledge and his infectious sense of humor and aliveness.  In his teaching, Michael combines traditional Qigong movements and practices with current cutting-edge science with the goal of helping to not only get physically healthier and more centered and energized but also to discover ever larger dimensions of ourselves and an expanded sense of the nature of Reality.  We ourselves are much more than most of us have been led to believe, and life is much more exciting and interactive than most of us have experienced.  “Life” invites us to become ever more alive!

Tina Paul, Tina Paul, MS, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, completed a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  She shares the tools of therapeutic yoga, breathing techniques, and mindfulness with individual clients, university programs and organizations including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Pratt Institute, New York University, Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and more. She is the co-founder of Embodied Workplace, a consultancy focused on bringing creative mindfulness programs to organizations globally. Embodied Workplace's community yoga event with the NYPD was featured on PBS News hour, please find a video clip here.  Visit for further information. 

Jennifer Minniti, Jennifer Minniti teaches alignment based yoga that synthesizes precision, breath and flow. She provides a challenging yet playful environment where students cultivate strength, stamina and awareness. Minniti is a certified yoga teacher and has been studying primarily in the Iyengar tradition for the past twenty years. 

Shamina Rao-Herel, Shamina’s passion for yoga spans for over 25 years. She is a RYT-200 Yoga Instructor. Some of her additional trainings include yoga anatomy, the chakra system, ayurveda, yoga for teens and Yin Yoga. She is also a Certified Pre & Postnatal yoga teacher. Her workshops designed for teens and young adults encompass asana, pranayama, mindfulness & meditation to build self-confidence, self-awareness and mostly, self-love at an early age and teach one how to apply the principles of yoga into our daily lives to help manage stress and work towards a healthy work-life balance.

She teaches at various Brooklyn based yoga studios and hosts urban and destination retreats where she incorporates yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama in to a breath-centered vinyasa practice with an attention to alignment.

She believes in the benefits of yoga for all people and believes in its power to bring people together regardless of our background and bodies.

Rhonda Schaller, Rhonda is a long time meditator, artist, author and educator teaching visualization, mindfulness and meditation as life and art practices since 1985. She is a certified visualization meditation teacher and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction trained teacher. She is a Visiting Associate Professor; Director of Career & Professional Development, founder of the Meditation Incubator, the Mindful Making immersion workshop for Made in NYC, and chairs the Mindfulness in Student Affairs Committee at Pratt Institute. A recent scholar in residence teaching creativity and meditation at UNSW, Sydney she is the author of Create Your Art Career (2013, Allworth Press), Called or Not, Spirits are Present (2009, Blue Pearl Press), and contributed chapters for The Mindful Eye: Contemplative Pedagogies in Visual Arts Education (2018, Common Wealth Pub) and Starting Your Career in the Fine Arts (2011, Allworth Press).

Robin Simmonds, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Certified Thai Massage therapist, Pilates Certification.

I began my life as a mover at a young age studying ballet from age 4-26, gymnastics, modern dance, and track and field. l studied dance and choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University from 1982·1986 and in 1986 I was awarded a full scholarship as an assistant to my college mentor at The American Dance Festival. I met Pooh Kaye, a NYC based choreographer and film maker there and joined her company. In 1986 I moved to New York and collaborated with her company Eccentric Motions and other companies, choreographing, performing and creating costumes, performing in NYC, the US, Europe and Israel for 14 years.

In 2000, I completed a 200-hour teacher training at Integral Yoga lnstitute in NYC where I worked and taught for 5 years.   I also taught at The New School, Betances Health Center and The Henry Street Settlement. From 2004 thru 2006 and received certification in Thai Massage at the Integral Yoga Institute and in Montreal at the Lotus Palm Institute. In 2007 I began my Iyengar Yoga Teacher certification. a rigorous 4-5-year process of teacher training. mentoring, assisting senior teachers and 2 national assessments, which was completed in 2012.  In 2006-2007 completed Yoga Anatomy for teachers at The Breathing Institute with Leslie Kaminoff.

I began my ongoing studies in Pilates in 2012 and completed a mat certification at Equinox in 2016. I plan to complete a second module in the near future. I also teach meditation, having embraced Buddhism at a young age and began formally studying The Yoga Sutras, Buddhist texts and meditation 20 years ago.

My teaching is based on principles of attention, alignment and functional, efficient movement that supports all aspects of life. My classes are playful, straight forward and creative, drawing on the varied disciplines I've been exploring my whole life. Each students’ needs are considered with the goal of teaching students to create Individualized, safe ways to nurture and support themselves.

Liza Toft, Liza is a Yoga Teacher and a licensed Creative Arts Therapist who teaches and works out of her home studio in Brooklyn, New York. Liza is a certified level 1/2 Iyengar Yoga teacher, she works with people individually teaching yoga and small groups. Along with teaching yoga she leads weekly groups that combine yoga and creative arts as a holistic body-centered approach to therapy. Liza has a background as a visual artist and a long-time practitioner of mindfulness meditation, which have had a deep impact on her life and work.

Shahar Yannay, Shahar has been teaching Yoga at Pratt for over a decade, teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga for students who are dealing with stress related challenges, anxiety and depression at college. In 2012 she was recipient of the Faculty Development Award to further her unique holistic teaching approach.  In addition to her teaching she is a licensed psychotherapist and the founder of “TrueThriver”, a private psychotherapy practice.  Shahar holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work for New York University and postgraduate certification in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  She is also a Certified Movement Analyst from Laban Institute of Movement Studies and since the mid 1990’s has practiced and trained in Vipassana meditation.  Shahar has made valuable contributions to the holistic wellness community of NYC by sharing her expanding body of work and knowledge on through lectures, workshops and her TEDx with "Live Well NYU” for the Happiness Symposium in 2014.