If you are not a United States citizen or permanent resident, you are considered an International Student. 

For on-campus classes, International Students seeking to register for Pratt on-site Summer Intensives will be required to submit copies of their current passport / visa documentation upon completion of the  2022 Online Summer Credit Intensives Registration Form. Your passport's expiration date will be required to be at least six months later than the start date of the summer course that you plan to take at Pratt Institute.

Each Summer Credit Intensive course serves as an in-depth introduction to a discipline offered at Pratt. Taking a single course does not constitute a full-time course of study. Therefore you willdo not need an F-1 Student Visa and Pratt will not create an I-20 for you to take one course. International students may enroll in an introductory/short course for personal enrichment during their visit to the US. For further information, please download the international student information pdf below; or contact prostudy@pratt.edu.