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Immerse yourself in the Four-Week Summer Intensives of your choice carrying continuing education credits (CEUs), whether to investigate a new career option, complete a portfolio for educational or career advancement, or delve into what you love this summer. You can take advantage of renowned Pratt Institute’s academic excellence, and choose from among the courses below.  Most courses can be taken on-site or online, unless otherwise noted. Please note that several of the Summer Intensives below are part of certificate programs. 


Four-Week Summer Intensives

Graduate Architecture Immersion Studio
Exhibition Design
Visual Branding
Visual Merchandising Design

Additional Summer Four-Week Courses 

Design for Health & Wellness
Mindful Entrepreneurship: Business Model Launch
Supercharge Your Start-Up with Ideation


Registration will open in April 2022 for Summer 2022.

For more information on the above courses, please click here

For advisement contact:
Joelle Danant
Program Director

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