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Open Online Summer Courses for College Students and Adult Learners

All levels of experience welcome.  

Each Summer Credit intensive course represents three Pratt elective credits, at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Students interested in transferring these credits to their home institution should contact their home advisor regarding their school’s credit transfer policy.

For more information, see Online Summer Credit Intensive Curriculum below.

2021 Program Dates

Summer Session 1: June 1–25* (4 weeks; with exceptional class on Friday, June 4 to make up for the Memorial Day Holiday)
Summer Session 2: July 6–30* (4 weeks; with exceptional class on Friday, July 9 to make up for the July 4th Holiday)

*The above dates are for virtual studio courses. Virtual lecture courses end one day early — details below. 


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Technology requirements

·   A laptop or desktop computer with a reliable internet connection 

·   Access to a webcam or phone camera  

·   A scanner or decent digital camera 

·   All students will be given access to the required digital tools through their Pratt Onekey account (e.g. GSuites, Slack, Adobe Suite, and Zoom). Pratt will use these online platforms to connect students with their faculty and it is the student’s responsibility to check that their region/computer is capable of supporting these various platforms and tools.

Online Summer Intensive Courses

Architecture Intensive (Virtual Studio)

This course serves as an introductory exposure to the field of architecture and 3-D design processes. Course content will be emphasized through a combination of lectures, virtual studio exercises, and projects: including sketching, drafting, and model building. Students cultivate basic technical skills and develop an understanding of spatial relationships and structures; as well as acquire knowledge of professional practices in the field.

Session 1:    ADAR 205-01: M-T-W-TH 2–6 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE
Session 2:    ADAR 205-02: M-T-W-TH 2–6 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE


This course is a hands-on introduction to the art of calligraphy. Students will learn the basics of edged-pen writing using historical examples of writing in our (Roman) alphabet. Basic concepts that guide hand-lettering will be taught, and students will be exposed to a wide variety of contemporary and historical calligraphy from around the world. 


Session 1:    ADCL 200P-01: M-T-W-TH 2–6 PM, 3 credits


An intensive three-week course, Compostela Interdisciplinary Design, takes the northwest region of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) as its site, inviting students to use digital and remote platforms to study the relationship between design and its social, cultural, and political context, to learn about local construction and production practices, and to test various tools and methodologies for conducting site analyses. Working collaboratively across a range of contexts, students study historical, vernacular, and modern design at multiple scales (urban planning and landscape architecture; architecture and construction; interior, industrial, and communications design, etc.), and will have unique access to a number of interdisciplinary projects by accomplished designers including Abalo, Acebo, Amado, Ansede, Carrasco, Eisenman, Gallego, Grimshaw, Hejduk, Isozaki, Koolhaas, Marques da Silva, Piñera, Rosa, Rossi, Siza, and Urqiola.  Graduate students taking this course for credit as an All-Institute elective will be required to complete additional research and writing assignments. This course ends on June 23.

Prerequisite: Degree in design OR at least one year studio design experience and must submit a design portfolio (PDF file as an email attachment, no larger than 5MB) to Professor Maria Sieira at Please include in the email subject line “Compostela Portfolio," followed by your name. 

Session 1: ADCA-400P-01: M–T–W–TH | 6 PM–9 PM, 3 credits (UNDERGRADUATE) | ONLINE
Session 1: ADCA-800P-01: M–T–W–TH-F 6 PM–9 PM, 3 credits (GRADUATE)  | ONLINE

Digital Photography Intensive (Virtual STUDIO)

Express your creative ideas by utilizing digital capture and editing at a professional level. Explore digital photography/imaging for various purposes, such as for the web and book/portfolio design. Whether you are a photographer, painter, illustrator, designer, or an amateur / enthusiast, this course will cultivate your digital editing skills while also enhancing aesthetic awareness of composition, movement, light and depth of field. Projects are geared to address the students' individual goals, complementing personal and career objectives. Students must provide their own digital SLR camera and an external hard drive is highly recommended to store images and working files. Digital workflows such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Camera Raw as well as popular free software will be explored for students to learn a digital workflow that would work best for them individually. Classes will be held in a Pratt hosted Zoom classroom.   

Session 2:    ADDP 205-02: M-T-W-TH 9AM–1 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE 

Drawing Intensive (Virtual STUDIO)

Explore the fundamentals of drawing as a descriptive and expressive skill for all types of visual work, using a variety of materials, subjects, and techniques.  Accurately describe and express form and space, learning various methods of seeing, transcribing, constructing and expressing imagined and real subjects. The course builds visual fluency, as a useful precursor to other intensives in this program, is appropriate for designers, architects, and illustrators, whether professional or student.

Session 1:    ADDR 205-01: M-T-W-TH 2–6 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE

Fine Arts Intensive (Virtual STUDIO)

This course results in a development of visual awareness and methods in students at both the beginning and more advanced levels. Learn ways of seeing and expressing with intention in the studio. Methods of drawing and painting, as mark, color, and composition are taught, using various formats, and subject matter. Composing as visual thinking is developed through short and long projects with an emphasis on process, culminating in independent projects or series in the final weeks.

Session 2:    ADFA 205-02: M-T-W-TH 2–6 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE

Graphic Design Intensive (VIRTUaL STUDIO)

Cultivate visual communication skills for industry application; gain knowledge of design tools, principles, and methods to produce unique and memorable graphic work. Create professional logo, website, poster, and packaging designs which culminate in successful branding. Students will develop an understanding of theoretical concepts through lectures and hands-on practice, gain knowledge of professional practices in the field, and begin to build their own portfolio.

Session 1:    ADGD 205-01: M-T-W-TH 9 AM–1 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE 
Session 2:    ADGD 205-02: M-T-W-TH 2–6 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE 

Illustration Intensive (virtual STUDIO)

Explore visual storytelling by creating images that communicate new ideas for commercial purposes, combining both traditional and digital illustration to produce a professional-level portfolio. Maximize your full creative expression by developing technical and artistic skills, from drawing through life studies, to skillfully using software such as Photoshop for creating images. Examine current and future styles and directions generated by the digital world in the illustration field.

Session 1:    ADIL 205-01: M-T-W-TH 9 AM–1 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE

Industrial Design Intensive (virtual STUDIO)

Designers learn by designing a series of projects of increasing complexity, scale and various contexts, such as sustainability. These experiences will facilitate internalizing the design process and knowing what to do next, whether the goal is defined or not. The projects will provide platforms for just-in time discussions about visual literacy, fabrication, and emerging theories impacting design and how design impacts life experience.

Session 1:    ADID 405-01: M-T-W-TH 9 AM–1 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE

Interior Design Intensive (virtual STUDIO)

This course is an intensive overview of the professional world of the interior designer. Explore the resolution of basic interior design problems in the context of human and environmental factors. Understand and use the elements of color, form, light, texture, and space, along with the principles of design, such as scale and proportion, through hands-on studio work, lectures, discussions, and extensive critique. A class discourse on the history and contemporary practices in the field, as well as the relationship between design and society, will further inform the student’s learning experience.

Session 1:    ADIT 205-01: M-T-W-TH 9 AM–1 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE
Session 2:    ADIT 205-02: M-T-W-TH 9 AM–1 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE





In this virtual course, we will explore interdisciplinary interactions between artistic modes and media throughout the history of Italian architecture, art, and design within their cultural, political, and social contexts, as a way to inform our contemporary art and design investigations. To help study Italian artifacts, buildings, and environments from our distant locations, we will use innovative 2-D and 3-D image, modeling, and animation visualization techniques. Students from any discipline and skill level will learn how the use of contemporary lenses can help us look beyond period styles to perceive these inventive cultural and social modes, principles, and techniques of Italy in new analytic ways.  Graduate students taking this course for credit as an All-Institute Elective will be required to complete additional research and writing assignments. 

Session 2: ADRO-400P-02: M–T–W–TH | 10 AM–1 PM, 3 credits (UNDERGRADUATE) | ONLINE
Session 2 ADRO-600P-02: M–T–W–TH | 10 AM–1 PM, 3 credits (GRADUATE)  | ONLINE

Sustainability by Design


(Combined virtual Lecture-Studio)

Explore sustainability challenges, practices, and creative opportunities within the design disciplines. Examine interdependent environmental, economic, and social systems, and their influence on the design process. The course is tailored to students' experience and interests, while covering principles of ecology, climate change, resource use and conservation, environmental risks and toxicity; responsibilities of clients and interactions with end users and other stakeholders; as well as design thinking tools such as systems thinking, environmental cost-benefit analysis, life cycle assessment, design for disassembly, and biomimicry. Students will complete work towards a portfolio and acquire a distinct toolset for the emerging sustainable design professional. Note: this course ends on July 28.

Session 2:    ADSD 405-02: M-T-W-TH 6–9 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE
Session 2:    ADSD 605-02: M-T-W-TH 6–9 PM, 3 credits | ONLINE



Learn how organizations succeed by understanding the structure of branding and the strategic perspective that a visual identity has. Through a series of steps, designers utilize sketch and idea processes that nurture an inner coherence to visual marks. Hone your visual language skills that can be carried throughout an identity system, developing a unique look and feel for a mark that works across multiple platforms, including print collateral, websites, and broadcast media. Color, typeface and typography will be documented in a style guide that help make a brand shine above its competitors.  Complete projects toward a professional portfolio. 

Session 2: ADVB-200P-02: M–T–W–TH 9 AM–1 PM, 3 credits 

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Summer Session 1: May 19

Summer Session 2: June 19

Early registration is encouraged to secure your seat in the course(s) of choice.

After the deadlines, students may be admitted if virtual space remains in the selected course(s).

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