Summer 2014: July 7 - August 1

High school students have an invaluable opportunity to sharpen their portfolios, get a taste of college life, and earn four college credits.

Every summer, Pratt sponsors a college-level program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors at its Brooklyn campus. It is an intensive immersion experience; approximately 400 high school students, ages 16–18, seize the opportunity to experience college-level study in Pratt Institute's PreCollege program. Students are immersed in a program of art, design, architecture, or creative writing, modeled after Pratt's undergraduate offerings. Upon completion of the program, students earn four elective college credits.

The summer PreCollege program consists of four classes, as well as lectures and cultural and social events. Students pick one of the credit-bearing electives offered (download the pdf for a list of elective choices); and are automatically enrolled in a Foundation class (also credit-bearing), an Art History/Appreciation class, and a Portfolio Development class, (both are non-credit, pass /fail courses) to complement their chosen elective.


  • High school students who are at least sixteen years old, and have completed their sophomore year, as well as graduating seniors (minimum age: 16 years by June 30, 2014; maximum age: 18 years. No exceptions.)
  • Self-motivated and responsible students willing to immerse themselves in college-level study with other students who have similar interests.
  • All levels of experience welcome.

The Schedule

The Pre-College program is a full time/immersion program. Students carry a full schedule Monday–Friday with two classes each day, with a break for lunch. Evening and weekend events /activities are considered as part of the program experience and are mandatory for Brooklyn residential students.

The Curriculum

Program Elective choices include: architecture, creative writing, fashion design, fine arts, graphic design, sculpture/3D processes, traditional/digital illustration, and photography. For a complete list and descriptions of elective choices, please download the PreCollege Su14 courses.pdf.

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Foundation Courses

Students who enroll in an elective course in art or design will automatically be enrolled in the Foundation of Art and Design course. Students will develop their skills in using color, shape, line, movement, and other formal concepts basic to professional study in all areas of art and design.

Students enrolled in Creative Writing will be automatically be enrolled in a Foundation of Writing course. Students will further develop fundamental writing and critical analysis skills for application to their area of study. The Cultural Studies elective allows students to choose either art or writing foundations.

Modeled after Pratt's first year Foundation program and taught by professional artists, designers, or writers, this course will expand your thinking, strengthen your portfolio, and provide a basis for further study.  The Foundation course is worth 2 credits, and is designed to complement your 2 credit elective choice. Your transcript will reflect both course grades and a total of 4 elective college credits.

Art History /Appreciation

This course will use the culturally rich resources of New York City to help students experience key elements of the history of art. Students will explore the many functions of art and the stylistic differences and similarities across historical periods. The course also serves as a complement to studio classes, helping students find meaningful connections between art history and the development of their own work.

Portfolio Development

A professional portfolio can be vital in gaining admission into college. This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of portfolio development. Students will learn what to include in their portfolios—based on standards set by top colleges—and investigate the basic technical skills for developing a professional portfolio. Upon completion of this course, students will be given the opportunity to have their portfolios reviewed by a Pratt admissions counselor to help them gain a first-hand understanding of what might be expected by one of the top colleges.

Make the most of your summer. It might change everything!