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SCPS Certificate Program Financing Options

SCPS accepts private student loans for its certificate programs. A student or prospective student can contact their bank or lender of choice to initiate these loans. Students can borrow up their cost of attendance. Funds from this loan are often used to finance cost of tuition and indirect educational costs such as room and board, transportation, personal expenses, and other educational expenses. To be approved for these loans the student must not have adverse credit history as this loan is credit based.

SCPS Certificate Program Cost of Attendance

The amounts listed below are standard figures used for budgeting purposes. Your actual bill will differ from these estimates. They are provided for planning purposes. Please note that tuition and fees are the only costs which are paid directly to Pratt Institute. Room, Board, Books/Supplies, and personal costs will vary for each student and are estimates only.

SCPS Certificate Program yearly cost of attendance 2018–2019 school year

18 C.E.U's
27 C.E.U's
36 C.E.U's
Tuition $6,300 $9,450 $12,600
Room $16,500 $16,500 $16,500
Board $4,016 $4,016 $4,016
Books/Supplies $1,050 $1,050 $1,050
Personal $1,600 $1,600 $1,600