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Pratt SCPS has been ranked one of the ten best schools for UX design!

Offer: Sign up for PMCG 901 Digital Product Design Certificate and PMCG 800 UX/UI Mobile Design Certificate and save $450.

Enter the fast-growing field of UX/UI design for apps and much more through the certificate program in UX/UI Mobile Design. The program will provide you with all of the building blocks to get started as a UX/UI designer. Commencing with a comprehensive introduction to the field, through best practices and methodologies in user research, you’ll finish knowing how to manifest your designs so they are deliverable both to clients and developers.

Certificate Fee: 
$100, non-refundable

Certificate Requirements:

PMCG-800 Certificate Course in UX/UI Mobile Design
PMCG-801 Introduction to UX/UI Mobile Design
PMCG-802 Visual Artifacts in User Experience
PMCG-803 User Experience Design Research
PMCG-804 User Interface Visual Design and Prototyping 

Certificate Course in UX/UI Mobile Design


For students who want to earn the UX/UI Mobile Design Certificate in one semester, this certificate course is highly recommended. It provides a discounted course package, which includes PMCG-801 Introduction to UX/UI Mobile Design, PMCG-802 Visual Artifacts in User Experience, PMCG-803 User Experience Design Research, and PMCG-804 User Interface Prototyping in Code. Prerequisites: none. 
23 SESSIONS | 6.9 CEU’s | $3950   

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Introduction to UX/UI Mobile Design

User experience design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. Obtain a general overview of User Experience Design ("UX") and User Interface Design ("UI"), paying special attention to mobile usage contexts and building a career in the field.

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Visual Artifacts in User Experience

Focus on the visual design deliverables that User Experience Designers create every day. As an essential part of the user experience designer's process, you'll develop visual manifestations of your ideas to deliver to team members and clients. Topics include sketching for user experience, journey maps, flow diagrams, architecture diagrams, motion prototypes, and wireframes and presentation.

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User Experience Design Research

Incorporate research to support your design decisions and tell compelling stories in your projects. Understanding user needs is fundamental when building compelling products and experiences. Learn and apply user research methodologies for digital products through their evolving stages. From a human-centered approach to a more quantitative one, you will learn about the most used research utilized for UX/UI design across platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop) and how to modify it to meet your project’s needs.

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User Interface visual design and prototyping


Visual design for apps and websites is more than just making something pretty. Digital products are meant to be touched, scrolled and swiped. Creating an attractive and usable prototype can help sell your idea as well as foster valuable user feedback. Using common UI and navigation patterns and components, as well as standard design concepts like typography, color theory and composition, you’ll focus on taking UX artifacts to the final step before development. Use Sketch for visual design and then explore various ways to create low and high fidelity prototypes using tools like Invision and others; learn front-end coding concepts to help you “talk the talk” with developers.

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NEW: Practicum: UX Design Studio

PMCG 851

Modeled after a UX design studio workflow, collaborate and build solutions to real-world challenges in an intensive course that uses human-centered principles and design thinking at its core. Commencing with a client challenge, you will partner to define, research, prototype and test designs, constructing a deep understanding of users’ needs. You’ll finish knowing what it takes to collaborate, build and deliver best-in-class solutions for external clients, and a compelling portfolio piece that showcases your work.

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