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3. Taught by Pratt faculty and industry leaders 
4. Top ranked programs recognized internationally 

Pratt SCPS has been ranked one of the ten best schools for UX design!

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MAY 26–JULY 30 | 6:30–9:30 PM 
6.0 CEU’s | $2950    

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Enter a dynamic role in the UX/UI landscape through the Pratt SCPS Digital Product Design Certificate. Create digital products that traverse end-user and business needs. Integrate research, design, and presentation into your work and oversee the entire product lifecycle from conception to execution. Develop a core skill-set that addresses the multi-phases of product design across platforms and the know-how of which tools to use and when to use them. Build key portfolio pieces.

Designed to complement Pratt’s UX/UI Mobile Design Certificate, take an evolutionary step into product design by spearheading the entire design process in a role that involves business communication skills and the ability to manage a team. Learn from faculty who work in the industry and gain insights with tactile applications you will use in the field.    

Phase 1 (Process)

Survey digital products and how they’re conceived, implemented, and improved, and the key business models and business ethics that affect them. Look ahead to up-and-coming platforms, such as voice-activated products.

Phase 2 (Research)

Identify a business problem and perform research to understand how the organization, its stakeholders, and its customers think and behave in relation to the product (or problem).

Phase 3 (Ideation and Iteration)

Facilitate workshops that generate massive amounts of ideas as well as provide transparency and buy-in to the product design process. Produce prototypes of increasing fidelity to solve problems and gather information from customers in usability testing and validation exercises.

Phase 4 (Presentation/Portfolio)

Learn the language of design communication and apply it in a shifting business environment. Integrate your work (product) into a professional design portfolio.

NEW: Practicum: UX Design Studio

PMCG 851

Modeled after a UX design studio workflow, collaborate and build solutions to real-world challenges in an intensive course that uses human-centered principles and design thinking at its core. Commencing with a client challenge, you will partner to define, research, prototype and test designs, constructing a deep understanding of users’ needs. You’ll finish knowing what it takes to collaborate, build and deliver best-in-class solutions for external clients, and a portfolio that showcases your work.

FALL 2020
9 SESSIONS/3 Weeks/36 hours | 3.6 CEU’s

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