Go beyond UX for interfaces and digital products through Pratt SCPS’ Human-Centered Design Certificate. Construct a deep understanding of a user’s needs and challenges. Develop a methodology that places those needs and challenges central in the design process. Create solutions for any touch point where people and industry intersect. From services to management frameworks, through both digital and physical applications, let empathy drive your designs to meaningful end-user experiences.

Certificate Course in Human-Centered Design

Start with the belief that research and empathy bring fresh thinking to design, accelerate iteration, and improve user experience. Explore the fundamentals of user research and the various methodologies that bring users to the forefront of the design process. Quickly transform research insights into tangible prototypes in order to support rapid ideation and testing by real users. Solve problems to improve products and services. Rely on a robust testing and iteration cycle that embraces multi-faceted approaches to complex challenges.

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Practicum: UX Design Studio
PMCG 851

Modeled after a UX design studio workflow, collaborate and build solutions to real-world challenges in an intensive course that places human-centered principles and design thinking at its core. Commencing with a client challenge, you will partner to define, research, prototype and test designs, constructing a deep understanding of users’ needs. You’ll finish knowing what it takes to collaborate, build and deliver best-in-class solutions for external clients, and a compelling portfolio piece that showcases your work.

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