CAD Design

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Hone the CAD tools needed to deliver designs to both contractors and clients. Create CAD drawings using industry standards: Autodesk® AutoCAD®, and Autodesk® Revit Architecture. Finish with photorealistic renderings using Autodesk® 3ds Max.

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PMA-401           Introduction to AutoCAD
PMA-402          AutoCAD Advanced
PMA-406A       Introduction to Revit
PMA-412A       Revit Advanced
PMCG-223       Introduction to 3ds Max: Modeling and Rendering
PMCG-240       3ds Max Advanced
PMA-414         Reality Capture: The Built Environment



Begin with basic tools and concepts that enable you to create and edit simple drawings; then move on to more advanced tools. Explore the AutoCAD workspace and user interface. Finish with a production drawing that’s ready to print. Hands-on class exercises are used to simulate a real-world workflow. Prerequisites: Working knowledge of basic design/ drafting procedures and terminology. 
Please Note: Not accepted by NYS for LU or PDH credit.

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Replicate a professional workflow and build upon concepts introduced in Introduction to AutoCAD through hands-on exercises that explore how to create 2D production drawings. Create and manage blocks; add attributes to blocks; prepare templates; define text and dimension styles; use external reference files; work with tables; utilize collaboration tools; publish and distribute project drawings.

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Revit is the AEC industry’s most popular parametric building modeler. In Autodesk® Revit®, you don’t just draw 2D building plans, elevations and sections, you create a digital database of your building, comprising 3D graphical information and non-graphical data. Revit® includes a library of predefined parametric building components that can be customized to meet your needs. Productivity is improved through increased automation of construction documentation and scheduling. New tools, templates, and construction content that extend the benefits of building information modeling solutions to the construction community are covered in comprehensive exercises.

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Replicate a professional workflow for building plans, elevations and sections, as well as the digital database of 3D graphical information and non-graphical data in Revit. Collaboration is an integral part of today’s work environment and Revit®’s work-sharing provides a method for sharing files with other partners. Catalogs of predefined building components are supplied but may not be exactly what you need. Use Revit’s family editor for customization.

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Learn how to model and render objects, and apply textures and lighting in this foundational 3ds Max class.  

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Explore organic shapes, advanced modeling, mapping, and texturing. Built-in camera mapping functions and matching are covered, as well as preparing for composites. Prerequisites: Intro to 3ds Max: Modeling and Rendering.

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New: Reality Capture: The Built Environment

Focus on the next generation of building documentation for design, construction and operations, utilizing the very latest Digital Twin technologies. Work with cutting edge rapid reality capture and Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to create construction documents and operations sets for space and asset management. Note: This class provides the option to utilize Pratt’s Interdisciplinary Technology Lab (ITL), located on the Pratt Brooklyn Campus.

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