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Business Communication students in the classroom

Business Communication for the Creative Professional Certificate 

Present yourself and your creative work professionally!

Strategically position yourself and communicate your own or other creative businesses’ compelling stories to attract and keep ideal clients. Present yourself and your skills as an indispensable agent providing the best solutions to business problems in today’s digital marketplace.  This certificate is for anyone whose responsibility includes communications in creative enterprises, including artistic and cultural organizations, design and architectural firms, entertainment, advertising, publishing, and other professional areas.

Listen to Innovation Coach and Pratt SCPS Instructor Kirsten Rickert’s free podcast: "Getting Unstuck - Shift for Impact" on iTunes – Learn more from this teacher through her Innovation on Demand course and/or Design Thinking and Communication course. 

Certificate Requirements

This certificate program requires the successful completion of 51 hours of study or four core required courses.

Students registering to the Certificate should contact to let our office know of your intention, including your planned timeline for completion of the Certificate Program during which semester.

Summary of Required Core Courses - Pratt Brooklyn

XBC-108       Certificate Course in Business Communication for the Creative Professional


Core Courses:

XBC-100       Effective Client Communication Strategies 
XBC-103       Compelling Business Writing
XBC-105       Public Speaking for the Professional
XBC-106       Design Thinking and Communication 

Certificate Course in Business Communication for the Creative Professional

Learn the best practices and methodologies in business communication. Explore how to strategically position yourself and communicate your own or other creative businesses’ compelling story to attract and keep ideal clients. This course includes all four core courses at a 10% discounted price.
Prerequisites: None

XBC-108 | 5.1 CEUs | $2,835

Core Courses

Effective Client Communication Strategies 

Find and keep your ideal clients by mastering clear and engaging communication. Explore the client communication spectrum, from identifying, starting and cultivating new client relationships and articulating the value of your own, or others' creative work, to confidently mastering win-win conversations. Through interactive exercises and engaging discussions, students will learn the most effective client communication strategies in the digital age and complete a customized communications plan.
MONDAYS | MAR 18—MAY 6, 2019 | 6–9 PM
8 SESSIONS | 2.4 CEUs | $1,500

Compelling Business Writing

What makes your written expression most compelling in today’s professional and digital market place? Build fundamental business communication knowledge and skills to best express your own, or others' vision, and make a positive impression on selected audiences. Gain an overview of the art of authentic persuasion through the written word to any market with sincerity, clarity, and strategic positioning.
WEDNESDAYS | JAN 30—FEB 13, 2019 | 6–9 PM
3 SESSIONS | .9 CEUs | $550

Public Speaking for the Professional

Passion is contagious.  Learn how to harness your own or others’ creative vision into a compelling oral presentation. Develop strategies to gain poise and confidence and deepen your ability to connect empathically with your audience. Using a set of core public speaking techniques, physical exercises, and theater games, learn to break through insecurities; enhance your ability to hone your fundamental creative narrative; listen, present, pitch, propose, connect and network with stakeholders, and spark curiosity and buy-in from prospective audiences—whether buyers, dealers, clients, funders and investors.
WEDNESDAYS | FEB 20—MAR 6, 2019 | 6–9 PM
3 SESSIONS | .9 CEUs | $550

Design Thinking and Communication

Learn to communicate with poise, confidence, and empathy, applying the essential principles and practice of design thinking to communication. Cater to your audience’s needs while exploring self-awareness as well as personal and client motivations to cultivate an empathetic understanding of your audiences, while adding value to, and creating meaningful customer interactions.
MONDAYS | MAR 13—27, 2019 | 6–9 PM
3 SESSIONS | .9 CEUs | $550

Student Testimonial:
“I had a presentation in front of a huge group of people . . . and thanks to some tips from the [public speaking] class, it went well . . . I used (the teacher’s) method . . . during my presentation . . . it helped me to remember my main points. The feedback I received afterwards was great: I 'really command a room.' So thank you!” —Kristen Kendrick, Fall 2017 Student, Business Communication for the Creative Professional Certificate Program 

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Innovation on Demand: From Ideation to Action

Go beyond random inspiration and unfocused brainstorming. Learn fail-safe methods for ideation to produce new ideas that stand out from the competition. Learn step-by-step innovation processes on your own or with a team to define a problem, generate ideas, work through potential solutions, and decide optimal next steps in fun, interactive, and effective ways.
This course is a must for designers, artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, brand managers, and anyone seeking to consistently produce innovation on demand.  This methodology has proven effective with both the creative thinker—by providing structure—and the analytical thinker—by sparking insights. Gain effective tools that help stretch both your imagination and resources, and inspire innovative activities.
MONDAYS | FEB 2—MAR 6, 2019| 6–9 PM
3 SESSIONS | .9 CEUs | $550


Online self-registration opens on November 15, 2018 for the Spring semester.
Registration Deadline: Five business days before each class starts.
Early registration is encouraged. After the deadlines, students may still be admitted only if space remains in the selected course or program.
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