Students who apply before the March 1 application due date will receive an email in mid-March notifying them of their acceptance status. Acceptance letters will include a Welcome Packet with additional program details and an Accepted Student Packet. 

Accepted Student Packet

The Accepted Student Packet is due April 8 and accessible online with a Pratt “OneKey” or username and password (shared with students at the time of their acceptance). Requirements within the Accepted Student Packet include:

  • Student and Parent Agreements
  • Liability Release
  • $600 Deposit (please take into consideration students are placed in a concentration of study based on receipt of both their deposit and proof of health insurance coverage due April 8)
  • Health Evaluation (to be completed by a health practitioner)
  • Copy of proof of valid health insurance coverage (please take into consideration students are placed in a concentration study based on receipt of both their deposit and proof of health insurance coverage due April 8)
  • Learning/Access Center Registration (optional)
  • PrattCard Photo Upload

Those students who complete the Accepted Student Packet requirements when due will be registered in their classes and housing by May. 


Pratt Institute’s PreCollege summer program encourages students to develop creative and intellectual freedom within a structured campus experience. Our Brooklyn campus is located in the active urban setting of New York City. While the program offers scheduled classes, lectures, social events, and activities, there are opportunities for students to explore the city independently. Although most expectations for our PreCollege students mirror those of our matriculated students, special rules do apply to PreCollege students; these include, but are not limited to, an evening curfew for residential students and immediate dismissals for any student found with illegal substances.

Residential Life and Housing

Accepted students have the option of depositing as a residential or a commuter student. Residential students live on campus through Pratt’s Residential Life and Housing department. Residential students experience a full-time immersion program, thus, mandatory activities are planned for evenings and weekends to further enrich the learning experience. Commuter students are encouraged to participate in all activities.

Students who sign up for housing on the Brooklyn campus are subject to a strictly enforced curfew of 11 PM throughout the duration of the program. When not in class, Studio Space, nor participating in a mandatory activity, residential students are allowed to come and go from campus until curfew.

Pre-College housing assignments are made by legal gender marker, using either Pantas or Stabile Residential Halls. When placing students in PreCollege specific halls, suites will be assigned by same legal gender marker. In most cases floors will also be assigned by legal gender marker, although as space permits some floors may be coed with same legal gender marker suites. Students who need other arrangements, and/or for more information, please contact Pratt’s Residential Life and Housing department.

Any special housing requests must be made through the Learning/Access Center. Also, any allergy information or dietary needs must also be coordinated through the Learning/Access Center.

Commuter Students

We understand commuting times vary for those not living on campus, so although highly recommended to attend, we do not require commuter students to participate in non-class programing such as the Friday Lecture Series, Saturday Enrichment Series or Saturday Off-Campus Cultural Excursions. Studio Space is also not required, however, commuting students may choose to attend Studio Space from the 7pm start time and arrange to leave at an appropriate time as determined by their own needs in discussion with their family.

Health and Counseling

Pratt Institute is concerned about both the health and happiness of our PreCollege students. Sharing health information with Pratt’s Health and Counseling Services will make sure PreCollege students feel and perform their best this summer.

Health Insurance REQUIREMENT

Health insurance is required for all students attending the PreCollege program and if a student is not currently covered, short term health insurance for the duration of the program must be purchased. A copy of proof of valid health insurance coverage must be submitted by April 8. If you have questions about Health Insurance requirements please contact Pratt’s Health and Counseling Services department.

The Learning/Access Center

The Learning/Access Center supports students with chronic physical and mental health conditions, learning issues, and other apparent and not apparent disabilities, including temporary injuries. The L/AC coordinates special housing and dietary requests and determines classroom and other accommodations. In order to be eligible to receive classroom accommodations or other support services, you must register with the Learning/Access Center (L/AC). An L/AC registration form is available in the Accepted Student Packet. For more information, please contact the Learning/Access Center.

Parents, Please Note: Pratt’s PreCollege programs are oriented toward independent young people. Parents seeking a somewhat sheltered environment should consider the nature of this program carefully. We understand that parents have the best insight on whether or not this is an appropriate opportunity for their child. We encourage parents and students to agree prior to the program on the proper conduct of the student at all times, whether supervised activities or free time. Further details regarding conduct expectations, attendance, and curfew policies are included in acceptance packets. Violations of college policies and regulations may result in such sanctions as a warning, probation, or dismissal. All policy materials must be read and acknowledged.