The certificate curriculum is offered for students interested in a continued pursuit of college level art, design or creative thinking disciplines. Students engaged in the certificate program will be guided through a series of courses designed to cumulate a body of work in support of a portfolio for college admission, a developed understanding of the artistic process and refinement of skills.

Certificate students are asked to choose a concentration of study within one of Pratt’s four certificate options:


Concentrations options: Architecture, Construction Management


Concentration options: Digital Arts: Art and Electronics (summer only), Digital Arts: 2D/ Traditional Animation (summer only), Film/Video (summer only), Jewelry/Metal Arts (summer only), Painting and Drawing, Photography: Black and White Analog (summer only), Photography: Digital, Sculpture (summer only)


Concentration options: Fashion Design (summer only), Graphic Design, Illustration (Digital), Illustration (Traditional) (summer only), Industrial Design, Interior Design, Sequential Art and The Comic Book (summer only)


Concentration options: Creative Writing, Cultural Studies (summer only)

Certificates can be completed through one of two paths:

Immersion Path

  • Complete all courses in any order within one calendar year
  • Successfully complete the summer program in one of the concentrations listed within the type of certificate completing
  • Successfully complete one non-concentration credit-bearing course during a fall or spring semester

Gradual Path

  • Complete all courses within two calendar years
  • Choose a concentration of study offered within a chosen certificate
  • Successfully complete one concentration credit-bearing course
  • Successfully complete one non-credit studio course
  • Successfully complete a credit-bearing Foundation course (Art and Design Discovery or Fine Arts: Painting and Drawing)
  • Successfully complete one non-concentration credit-bearing course of your choice
  • Successfully complete Portfolio Development course (taken after or during concentration and foundation class)

Upon completion of all required courses with a B- grade or higher, students should file a petition form including an unofficial transcript with PreCollege. Please submit the petition after the last class is completed. Certificates are issued three times a year: in February, August, and October.