Where high school artists, designers, and innovative thinkers develop their skills and creative voice. 

Engage in rigorous college-level courses and earn college credits as a high school student. Modeled after Pratt Institute’s undergraduate offerings and taught by Pratt faculty, courses immerse students in the fields of art and design. 

PreCollege students: 

  • Study art, design, architecture, or creative writing at a college level.

  • Develop proficiency in a variety of tools, materials, and techniques.

  • Create work suitable for use in a college admissions portfolio.

  • Join a creative community of like-minded students.

  • Explore undergraduate majors and discover the Pratt experience.

  • Earn elective college credits accepted at Pratt and most other universities.


Summer Program

July 5 - July 29, 2022
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Discover your creative passion, build friendships, and find your place at Pratt in this immersive college-level program. Spend the summer on Pratt’s Brooklyn campus in intensive art, design, architecture, or creative writing courses, informed and inspired by the backdrop of New York City.  

Students who cannot join us on campus are encouraged to log in from across the country and around the world to take part in our online classes. Virtual students can take both credit and non-credit classes.

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Fall and spring Programs

Explore your creative voice and build skills in art, design, and creative thinking while completing your high school studies. Class offerings are modeled after Pratt’s undergraduate offerings and  include non-credit or credit classes.

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