The Spring 2018 Season is here!

The Pratt Film Society seeks to enrich the community by exploring various aspects of film and filmmaking while promoting interdisciplinary dialogue at Pratt through the art of film. The Pratt Film Society hosts free, weekly screenings, which include documentaries, fiction features, historical and contemporary releases, films by and about artists, and a forum for discussing all things film-related. To encourage an exchange of ideas there are program notes on hand at each screening and we invite noteworthy filmmakers to campus for question and answer. The Society also promotes local talent by screening works by students, staff and faculty, and alumni.

Screenings 5:30 PM
Higgins Hall Auditorium
61 St. James Place
Brooklyn Campus

Co-Directors: Deborah Meehan and Ethan Spigland

Pratt Film Society
Spring 2018 Program

Feb. 6 VOYEUR. Myles Kane and Josh Koury, USA, 2017, 96 mins.

Directors Myles Kane and Josh Koury Will Be In Attendance

A pair of filmmakers thought they’d be capturing celebrated writer Gay Talese taking a literary victory lap in their new documentary. Instead, they got something more like a journalistic car crash. In the intriguing and thoughtful VOYEUR Myles Kane and Josh Koury explore the 30-year relationship between Gerald Foos, a former Colorado motel owner who spied on his guests, and Talese, known for his novelistic profiles and bespoke suits. The film follows Talese as he reports and writes about his creepy friend for the 2016 book, THE VOYEUR’S MOTEL, only to see the story fall apart after publication when Foos’ account unravels.

-Mark Kennedy, Associated Press

Premiered at the 2017 New York Film Festival


Feb. 13 
OUR NEW PRESIDENT, Maxim Pozdorovkin, USA, 2017, 77 mins.


Director Maxim Pozdorovkin Will Be In Attendance

An archival film that explores the cult of Donald Trump through fake news and other methods of destabilized perception. Compiled from state-controlled political programming in Russia alongside congratulatory addresses to Trump from average Russians, the film shows Russia’s fawning over Trump as a carefully manufactured ideological project. “This comic documentary from Maxim Pozdorovkin, dives into Mr. Trump’s elevation to the White House through the lens of fake news and Russian propaganda.” - The New York Times

Premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival


FEB. 20
Pat Collins, Ireland and Canada, 2017, 104 mins.

“Formally adventurous. Appropriately lyrical. A stirring, solemn tribute. From Ireland’s breathtaking natural wonders to the citizens lining its street… this continuous emphasis on both talent and environment make for a far more satisfying portrait of an artist at all ages. A profile of not just a singer but the country that made him. SONG OF GRANITE posits Irish folk music as mythic, oral tradition, greater than any one individual could transcend. An impressive sense of scale and scope. Would hypnotize even the staunchest folk song agnostic.” —Steve Greene, Indiewire

 2018 Academy Award nominee - Best Foreign Language Feature

Feb. 27

Hong Sang-soo, South Korea, 2015, 121 mins.

Prolific Korean master Hong Sang-soo’s latest soju-soaked comedy of manners is a hilariously twice-told tale. A director comes to a small town for a festival screening of his latest film, and finds himself smitten with a shy painter; the two spend a day getting to know each other, perhaps even falling in love. Then, quite unexpectedly, we start over again. RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN is the platonic ideal of a Hong Sang-soo film, featuring arrogant men, wise women, witty dialogue, lots of drinking, and sly takedowns of the film festival circuit, particularly the exquisite horror of the post-film Q&A session.

Winner  of the Golden Leopard Award - 68th Locarno International Film Festival


March 6

THIRST STREET, Nathan Silver, USA, 2017, 83 mins.

Director Nathan Silver Will Be In Attendance

Nathan Silver fuses cineaste influences ranging from ’70s-era Rainer Fassbinder to Polish auteur Walerian Borowczyk to humanize the often-blurred separation between one-sided love and dangerous obsession. In a multi-faceted performance that seamlessly volleys between raw vulnerability and woman-on-the-edge unease, Silver’s ACTOR MARTINEZ co-star Lindsay Burdge once again confirms why she’s one of the most compelling actresses currently working in independent film. Narrated by Anjelica Huston, THIRST STREET captures the complexities of unbridled lust through the purity of classic European cinema.

Tribeca Film Festival, 2017