Gap Year Program

Discover the intersection of your creative journey and the related design fields that translate to a professional practice. Pratt Institute’s Gap Year program will help you decide which path is right for you and provide you with the experience, knowledge, skills and courage to advance in college and professional life.

Combine college credits, certificates, and professional development classes, or choose just one. Work with an advisor to determine what's best for you. Pratt provides you with the options and support to make the most of your gap year.

Classes for college credit (15 weeks):

1. HMS 232A-02, Horror and Monstrosity, Monday, 2-4:50 (3 Credits)--Online

2. HMS 325C-01, Reporting the City, Thursday, 2-4:50 (3 Credits)--Hybrid

3. HMS 431S-03, Mutating Cities, Tuesday, 2-4:50 (3 Credits)--Online

4. HMS 434S-01, Mapping Lines of Flight, Wednesday, 2-4:50 (3 Credits)--Online

5. HMS 440K-01, Intensive Film Theory, Wednesday, 2-4:50 (3 Credits)--Hybrid

6. HMS 492A-02: Animation Narrative, Friday, 2-4:50 (3 Credits)--Hybrid

7. FVID-480 Contemporary Issues: Film/Video, Thursday, 2-6:20 (3 Credits)--Online

Certificate Programs (12 Weeks):

Branding and Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Human-Centered Design

Motion Graphics

UX/UI Mobile Design 

Design Business (4 Weeks, first week starts 11/22/21)

For advisement contact:

Chris Ferrara
Director of New Initiatives and Strategic Programs

Image by Stockshot Studio, 2019

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