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Graduate Departmental Requirements: Industrial Design M.I.D. (Fall only), Brooklyn campus


Applicants for the Masters of Industrial Design program should submit a portfolio online at including both text (descriptions, problem statement, etc.) and images (from development sketches to finished work). The portfolio must contain examples of drawings as a communication tool, three-dimensional objects, and a basic understanding of graphic design, executed through presentation and layout. It is recommended that the portfolio show both the process and execution of a project, along with problem solving and research is recommended. Please include any additional materials that tell the story of who you are as a creative person. The M.I.D. admissions committee recommends that portfolios are submitted in one of two methods: 1) as a multi-page PDF document or 2) as multiple, single-page PDFs or JPG (image) files. This will allow the admissions committee to review applications more efficiently while ensuring that no content is overlooked. The M.I.D. program is highly collaborative and includes students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Therefore, the statement of purpose is your opportunity to discuss aspects of your personal character and background that would contribute to and benefit from a collaborative learning environment and should be no more than 500 words. A TOEFL of 85 (internet and home test), TOEFL ITP Plus for China of 563, IELTS of 6.5, Cambridge English score of 176, or PTE of 57 is required for international students.

Expedited Application for the Industrial Design MID

Pratt students and recent Pratt graduates are offered an expedited application process to this program. Please see details about this option as well as requirements for admission on this page.