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Jason Vigneri-Beane



Jason Vigneri-Beane is an architect, industrial designer and Professor of Architecture at Pratt Institute where he has taught courses on design, media, technology, cyborg ecologies and speculating on near-future scenarios. He is the coordinator of 100-level design in the Undergraduate Architecture program and, prior to that, he coordinated the MS ARCH Post-Professional degree, the M ARCH media sequence and the Graduate Architecture and Urban Design in Rome program. He was the 2016-17 recipient of Pratt Institute’s Distinguished Teacher Award, the Institute’s highest faculty honor, and has taught at a number of schools including Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Högskolan for Design och Konsthantverk vid Göteborg Universitet, Iowa State University and Columbia University. As a founding member of Pratt’s Augmented Environmental Sensing Program (a-ESP), he leads design research on architectural compositing of physical componentry and environmental data visualization. He is the Founding Principal of Split Studio, a Brooklyn-based practice interested in multi-disciplinary design across scales, modes and media that include graphics, video, augmented reality, industrial design, architecture and ecology. His recent exhibitions and publications include projects and texts for near-future scenarios, cyborg micro-ecologies, architectural envelopes, physical-virtual composite componentry, robotic infrastructures and two long-term projects on creaturing architecture called Bestia Ex Machina and Cryptomorph.

M. Arch., Iowa State University;
B.P.S., State University of New York