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Eric Trenkamp

Assistant Chairperson - Film & Video; Visiting Instructor; Pre-College Lecturer

School of Art

Eric Trenkamp is an award winning filmmaker whose work has been featured on IFC and Current TV. His feature American Bomber won awards at numerous film fests, including the Manhattan Film Festival, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and Mississippi International Film Festival and is distributed by IndiePix Films. His most recent short, Park Slope screened at the FICSAM Mental Health Festival in Lisbon, Portugal and the Great Lakes Film Festival, among others. He was the Festival Director for the 2016 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and is a judge for the Sparrow Film Project at the Museum of the Moving Image. His monograph on Hollywood’s history of popularizing White supremacy, ‘Race, War and the Cinematic Myth of America,’ is published by Rowman & Littlefield.

M.A., Media Studies, Pratt Institute; B.A. Moving Image Arts, College of Santa Fe.