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The Daily Hub

A roundup of ideas and projects from around the Institute

  • The annual “Holiday Gifts Made In NYC” campaign from Made in NYC is now underway, with the initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development highlighting New York City-based makers and manufacturers on their site and on Instagram.

  • Pratt students recently joined students from around the world at CERN for two weeks of collaboration with researchers focused on connecting their technology to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read about the experience on the IdeaSquare site.

  • Mark Winston Griffith, visiting assistant professor in the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE), is one of five New Yorkers to receive the 2022 David Prize which supports individuals who are making the city a better place. His work is focused on “redefining and revoicing New York City’s public narratives.”

  • Design Management and Arts and Cultural Management Chair Mary McBride was featured in an episode of Stardust Life-Centered Design’s *details speaker series highlighting design, business, and innovation leaders. Stardust was founded by design management alumna Giselle Carr.

  • President Frances Bronet was appointed to the Future of Workers Task Force established this August by the NYC Mayor’s Office. The task force includes leaders from the city’s private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors who are focusing on rebooting the city’s approach to talent and workforce development.

  • WWD featured the 30 Years of TenThousandThings retrospective of the jewelry designs of Ron Anderson and David Rees that is on view in the Pratt Institute Library on the Brooklyn campus through November 30.